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GRITT GRITT and KING KALI Rhymes Don't Come Up For Air on New Track "We Thru"

We wish this intro lead you in as smoothly as GRITT GRITT and KING KALI do on their latest piece, "We Thru." Pulsating cascading tones set a dense atmosphere of sound as we are primed to accept their heavy rhymes as GRIT and KALI detonate all over the track. The rappers are focussed and fixated on delivering every word with rap prowess. Born and raised in Saint Paul, Minnesota, GRITT GRITT and KING KALI strive to share their knowledge and appreciation in music with listeners nationwide.

"We Thru," paints a picture of establishment-standing tall owing the ground you walk on. There is an air of urban royalty about "We Thru," and GRITT GRITT and KING KALI are the kings- be prepared to neal if they present their rings. The pounding 808 beat pumps out a solid deep thump throughout the track providing a strong performance. The cohesive blend of rapping styles complement each other perfectly, and the rapper's performances stand out as developed, individual personalities. If you're looking for a track with attitude and strength, do not pass up GRITT GRITT and KING KALI's latest release "We Thru." Discover "We Thru" here.


Hello GRITT GRITT and KING KALI and welcome to BuzzMusic. Your latest release is a mighty triumph of a song. Can you tell our listeners about the song and the meaning behind it? 

Realizing we're making it through the rap game song connecting with others throughout the Gity aka the city.

You have created quite the formidable hip-hop dynamic duo effect on your music. How long have you been creating music together?

3 years.

You mentioned that together you wanted to educate your listeners. What subject matters are you passionate about that you incorporate into your music?

Stacking up your assets self-realization and educate themselves on certain matters being self-made.

Do you each have a favorite process in song creation? Writing, recording, producing, etc.? All of the above 

What can fans expect next from you?

To stay the genuine kind-hearted loving person that I am and stay consistent.

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