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Grizzy Wynter Delivers The Heat With “Loco”

Born to Jamaican parents, Grizzy Wynter grew up listening to Reggae at an early age. All he could remember listening to in his childhood was the sounds of Bob Marley and Peter Tosh. He used music as a way for him to escape growing up. He listened to hip hop on a regular basis and started writing raps in high school as way to channel his emotions and find his voice. Finding inspiration from people like Nas, Tech N9ne and Lil Wayne to bands like Linkin Park and Foo Fighters, even things like Marvel comics and anime, anything he could draw from would influence his sound.

Grizzy Wynter released the extra hype and highly energetic trap rap song titled “Loco Remix”. The production of the beat will undeniably capture the attention of many hip-hop lovers. Especially those who loves the sub-genre of “Trap Rap”. Grizzy Wynter raps with a chaotically driven delivery. The dynamics in his vocal projection were loud and straight in your face. The bold and charismatically produced delivery gave “Loco Remix” significant amount of personality. This was more than just your typical exhilarating rap song where you can yell the lyrics out word from word, but this was a detailed and meticulously planned song that will have the listener on edge with every new dimension it provides. Nothing we love more than an artist who carefully takes their time with their music to curate the best hit they could possibly curate instead of providing anything unsubstantial. Grizzy Wynter owns his sound, and complements his songwriting with his explosive presentation. This delivery was killer, listen to "Loco" here!


Welcome to BuzzMusic Grizzy Wynter! In what ways has your background in Reggae benefitted your artistry and sound today?

The way reggae influenced how I make my music it to always make sure that it comes from an honest place and wether it be happiness or pain or anger make sure  you put it all in your music like Peter tosh did or how buju does , Jamaica is always about freedom if your not really being free to express yourself 100% what are you doing.

Let’s talk about this single “Loco”, what was the theme you were hoping to provide?

Loco is the story of a kid who wants to live like the gangstas do who what's to be Tony Montana but can't get it right who's ego and his surroundings ultimately bring him down , the theme I wanted to convey was how a lot of people get loss in the game and don't make it to a place where they can change and hope living like that will make you loco.

In what ways does “Loco” represents you as an artist?

Loco is 3 real people's lives that I've known rolled into one song, one of those people is me , I was this kid , not to the extreme that happened to him but alot it was my life , and lives of other people I know , as an artist it's a way to release that anger over my old life and the music I made then to start new and put all those crazy experiences to good use , hopefully someone else hears it and relates and doesn't have to go down that road.

What was the most challenging aspect in creating “Loco” ?

Having the whole story become cohesive without saying exact places or people , have the song come off hard but not preaching at the same time , making it real but not corny I guess I'd say.

What’s next for you Grizzy Wynter?

I'm dropping my next visual for my single DOPE ft Sadè Ariel this month , filming the visuals for LOCO Parynoyd remix with Monsta Mack and the end of the month, putting the final touches on my EP "Illuminate" aiming for a end of summer early Fall release , doing a few events all over from Toronto to LA while summer is going down  and just keep moving forward...Oh and I got a couple fire singles I'm dropping in a week or two so look out for those as well.


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