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Groundstate Finds Strength In The Middle Of Darkness On “Perfect Timing”

Photo by Devon Keller

No matter how dark the night is, soon, the shadows will give way to light.

Formed in 2014, Groundstate was created when brothers Conor and Aidan Smith began writing music that paid homage to the heavy, alternative, and hard-rock-tinged sounds of previous decades. Cleveland rock outfit Groundstate has approached music with pure, unadulterated love for their craft. It makes each release feel sincere but dynamic, with passion underlining each release. Having recently released their sophomore album, “The Things We Leave Unsaid,” to significant acclaim, the future looks bright for these budding stars.

Connor Smith describes “The Things We Leave Unsaid” as “a profound and sonically intense record that explores various themes throughout its 11-song run”. Featuring standout releases like “Floating Away” and “Perfect Timing,” “The Things We Leave Unsaid” feels in many ways like a musical journey, ebbing and flowing but consistently excellent. Having struggled with significant internal turmoil for his entire life, Smith describes making Groundstate’s music as therapeutic, again providing a testament to the cleansing power of music. As is becoming increasingly evident, Groundstate’s music doesn’t simply uplift; it’s also inspiring.

“Perfect Timing” doubles as one of the standouts on a solid album and a fitting segway into Groundstate’s artistic world for the uninitiated. Fittingly, dynamic drum and guitar play make up this release's sturdy and appealing foundation. Penned by brothers Connor and Aiden Smith, Connor notes that “Perfect Timing” came to creation during a period of intense anxiety, but as he sings, “Push me around, push me around,” there’s an underlying strength that belies a resilience harder than diamonds underneath. Although life sometimes leaves us feeling low, “Perfect Timing” is a beautiful offering that genuinely exemplifies the inner strength we all carry inside.

Groundstate’s latest release, “Perfect Timing,” is a powerful testament to mankind’s ability to survive and thrive through the healing power of music. Whenever you’re ready, tap in and stream Groundstate’s “Perfect Timing,” out now. Check out their new album, “The Things We Leave Unsaid,” on all majour streaming platforms.


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