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GTech Tugs At Heartstrings With Latest Release, “STEPHANIE”

GTech is a hip-hop and rap artist from Toronto, Canada, who has spent decades honing his musical style and perfecting his lyricism. He is known for blending various styles and moods within the vast sub-genres of hip-hop. Drawing inspiration from the golden era of 90s hip-hop and the contemporary rap scene, GTech's sound is akin to J. Cole and Russ.

GTech's formative years were spent in an unhealthy domestic environment, where he witnessed constant conflict and physical violence between his parents. These toxic surroundings left a lasting impact, leading to anxiety and depression in his adult life. Music quickly became his refuge and emotional lifeline from age 10.

Now with over 1 million total views on YouTube and more than 114K plays on SoundCloud, GTech has turned his love of music into a career. He has performed in many venues across Toronto and other parts of Canada, including colleges, public schools, and local establishments. GTech's latest single, "STEPHANIE," delves into the complexities of love and heartbreak in an energetic and inspiring hip-hop/rap track.

“STEPHANIE” begins with lyrics that recount a tale of devotion, betrayal and the struggle for self-recovery after a painful breakup. GTech tells the story of Stephanie, who embodies affection and deception, as reflected in the phrase, "I loved her, and she played me like a felony." The lyrics hint at a relationship that once was filled with cherished moments and reciprocated affection, which was then overshadowed by betrayal. The story speaks to a universal experience of love lost and going through the cycles of heartbreak.

GTech raps alongside a trap instrumental with upbeat drums, creating an energizing and uplifting ambiance that contrasts with his melancholic verses. This juxtaposition reflects the artist's internal conflict, the struggle between dwelling in the past and attempting to move forward. As the song progresses, the narrative shifts, suggesting the artist's journey toward self-healing. This powerful message invites listeners to reassert control over their life and past experiences by understanding the reality of love's dual nature.

Welcome to BuzzMusic GTech, and congratulations on your latest release, "STEPHANIE." Could you walk us through the songwriting process for “STEPHANIE?"

My producer (Six4-7) sent me the beat for STEPHANIE, which was a different vibe. He's always trying to push me to experiment and modernize my music.

Regardless, it was a simple yet catchy trap beat to my ears, and I liked it. My typical writing process either starts with thinking of a concept, listening, or producing the beat first. But in this scenario, the beat fell in my hands first. So I now had to think of the concept and theme of the song, which generally creates the overall stencil of the track. My first impression of the vibe of the beat was that it was a love story or a song about a girl. I had my Monster wireless earbuds in, aimlessly roaming around my house, listening to the beat repeatedly. I went to the washroom to wash my hands, and the name Stephanie came to mind, and then I rhymed it with 'definitely.' Typically I start with the chorus and freestyle it, and see what words fit together. Correspondingly, I then connected 'definitely,' with 'felony.' When I used the word 'felony,' I knew this song had to be about heartbreak. Once I established the hook, the verses didn't take long to follow through.

How has your music evolved from when you first started to now?

I always consider my music being an integral part of who I am. So if I grow as a person, my music grows with me. My music is my narrative because it is a form of reflection of myself. The roots of my music stem from personal experiences, success stories, mistakes, laughs, and cries. So I like to see that from when I first started creating music, it has matured and refined since I first started during my primitive days of being 10 years old and writing on those sheets of lined paper. I often listen to my old songs, and I can embellish a personal experience that I was struggling with, and then I would look back and reflect on how much I've grown since that dark time.

What do you want your listeners to take away from your songs? Is there an overarching message that exists within all of your music?

I want listeners to connect with my music on an intimate level. I want them to listen to every word and feel every enunciation. Ultimately, I want to provide a relatable experience that's immersible to the listener, so they can submerge themselves in the same emotions I invested in composing the song.

I only recently started a few years ago in taking my music more seriously and building a foundational brand. When I took the time to nurture my fans and build my Instagram, that's when I created some visibility for my music. Occasionally, I will get encouraging DM's from people, telling me I inspire them or they are fans of my music. And I am always in disbelief. But I'm always grateful. The ongoing message I try to embed throughout my music is to selflessly believe in your craft—every piece and molecule of it. Suppose you don't; don't expect others to.

Who would you choose if you had the opportunity to collaborate with any artist?

There are a few I would love to work with. KXNG Crooked, Russ, Rihanna, SZA, and Jhene Aiko. Lastly, locally I would love to work with Toronto artist, Cocanina. Dopest female artist in the city. Check her out.

Do you have any upcoming projects that we can anticipate for the future?

Currently, I am focusing on singles. And I've been encouraging other artists to do the same. I find releasing singles as opposed to albums is more efficient when it comes to slowly garnering fans within every single you release. If you have little to no fanbase, most of the time, albums flop, or they'll only listen to the first few songs. With that being said, my next single will most likely be "Albert's Energy." This will be a huge single, gravitating around mental health and preserving and protecting your energy for your well-being. But that might not be released until next year, as I want to prioritize all my energy in my "STEPHANIE" project this year.

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