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Guitar in Hand, Sabrina Pirzada Dazzles In “Where the West Begins”!

Based in Los Angeles, California  is a petite and polished Rock singer by the name of Sabrina Pirzada. With her guitar in hand, this upcoming Rock ‘n’ Roll soulstress is strumming to new heights and is doing so in pronounced style. At the age of 15, Sabrina began penning songs as a way to vividly paint her emotions through storytelling. Her insatiable fervour for melodiously telling said stories eventually drove her to the decision to professionally pursue a career in music. Despite the innate chauvinistic idiosyncrasies present in the Rock sphere- Rock being a genre often dominated by men - Sabrina was and is still adamant that her voice is one that deserves to and will be heard.  

Her debut single “Where The West Begins” is a bewitching composition written, produced and arranged by Pirzada herself ! It is a dazzling and acoustically sound emblem of her arrival to the wild, wild west and rightly so. Her poetic articulation of life in the west is paralleled with the real life notion of stepping out of one’s comfort zone and finding the valour to speak up.  “I have come too far not to raise my hands” is one of the song’s many lyrics that intimate the power of persistence and justified resistance. We are the makers of our own destiny ; our potential is limitless ,and that is what Sabrina so eloquently declares in this piece . Though the song embraces most of the attributes characteristic of Rock music ,such as the empowering resonance of the electric guitar and the rising action of the polyphonic instruments , Sabrina still finds a way to put her own contemporary spin on the age -old genre. A learned jazz student and a lover of the late great Prince , she utilizes her rather high-pitched voice to create a sweet hybrid of jazz rock and blues rock. An exceptional combo. If you have never been to the west, this pleasant bop offers a first class ticket to a land where hope is ubiquitous and human liberties are celebrated. Enjoy!

Listen to “Where The West Begins” here and get to know more about Sabrina Pirzada below!

Sabrina, it has been an absolute treat speaking with you. Tell our readers a little bit more about Sabrina Pirzada.

This whole thing started when I got my first electric guitar at 14 and didn’t put it down all summer. Pretty soon I discovered Bruce Springsteen and I really fell in love with the way he told stories and decided that I wanted to tell my stories too. And I want to find a way use them to make a difference in the world. After I graduated from high school, I just felt like I wanted to be as far away from school as possible and I started working at rehearsal studio here in town where I was a production assistant for years. Pretty soon I resolved that I wanted to go to college and that maybe taking some music classes at community college wouldn’t be the worst thing. I ended up discovering a love for literature that really began to reshape the way I thought about songwriting and the way I told my stories. I went on to get my Bachelor’s degree in English Lit, and am now a research administrator at a university. I feel still that everything important that has ever happened to me is connected to my desire to play and share my music and my stories. 

“Where the West Begins” is a very deep and well-written song. It can be interpreted in a myriad of ways depending on the listener, but I am curious. What does this song mean to you? What inspired it? 

It’s essentially a song about adventure, and learning how to triumph in the face of adversity. It’s funny how for all the time I spent wrestling with the language in that song, my favorite line to sing is one that’s actually so simple: “So if I’m stuck in the place I’m in, there is always a way I can begin again.” I think it’s my favorite because it conveys hope. And I think that is ultimately the thesis of the song in a way; that the life you dream of CAN be built, or rebuilt. I tend to write sort of autobiographically so a lot of the characters, “the business man,” “the boogie man,” etc I loosely based on people I’ve known, learned something from, or simply thought of as interesting. 

You got to work with Grammy Award winning engineer Darrell Thorp (Paul McCartney, Foo Fighters, Beck) on this track. How was that experience?  

Amazing. Finding the right mix engineer was one the most important aspects of getting the project to come to fruition in the way that I wanted and Darrell achieved above and beyond the sound I was looking for. I remember the day I got my first mixes back was so exciting. It was the first time I ever got to hear my recordings sound like that. I can’t wait to finish the rest of the album.   

Is there any producer or songwriter out there right now that you are keen on collaborating with and if so, why this person? 

Someday I would love to work with someone like Greg Kurstin or Dave Cobb. Those are two producers I can think of in the time in which we live who are making music that people connect with on a deep level. 

“Where the West Begins” is your very first single. Congratulations! What’s next on your agenda? 

I have another song coming out next month called, “Close.” It’s very special to me and I’ve been saving it for years, so I’m really excited for it to finally be heard. 

After that, I’ll be making plans to finish my full length debut album and playing shows locally. 


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