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Haelphon Falls Into Fantasy In, "I Told My Friends About You"

Boston-based singer-songwriter, producer, and experimental recording artist Haelphon keeps our heads bopping and toes tapping with his vibe-heavy new single, "I Told My Friends About You."

Haelphon has spent years fusing musical styles, ranging from Avicii to Mac Miller, to create his unique and incomparable electronic sound. His commitment to experimenting with different sounds and styles has landed his tracks In Bravo's Below Deck and promotional spots on projects for Victoria's Secret, Delta, and Nordstrom.

The Boston-based powerhouse recently announced his 2-year-long collaboration with producer AJ Pilette on Haelphon's upcoming debut studio album, Yuppie, set to release in early 2023. Now, he's treating listeners to a refreshing and groovy new single that's sure to put his name on the map.

Diving deeper into the new single, "I Told My Friends About You," the song opens with mellow and watery guitar melodies that gradually leap into the cool, calm, and collected verse. Haelphon's distinct and clear vocals pounce through the speakers with palpable passion and emotion, showcasing his inner thoughts about wanting to stay by someone's side for the long haul.

Haelphon has such a way with words, and he has no problem letting listeners relate to his honest lyrics of not wanting to scare someone away too quickly but knowing they might be the love of his life. In this sweet and sensual banger, Haelphon displays incredible vulnerability while letting us kick back and groove away to his blend of alternative instrumentation and spacey electronic production.

Lose yourself in the groove, passion, and dreamy vibes of Haelphon's latest single, "I Told My Friends About You," and brace yourself for his debut studio album, Yuppie, in 2023. Find the new single on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome back to BuzzMusic, Haelphon. We're impressed with your new single, "I Told My Friends About You," and impressed with the overall groove and dreamy atmosphere." What inspired you to create a song about longing to be with this special someone?

It’s good to be back. Thank you for taking the time to listen! ITMFAY is largely an ode to anxious attachment and relationships in today’s world rather than a particular person. The song draws greatly from my dating experiences in America’s biggest city. Though it’s not an easy feat at times, you can learn a lot about yourself and others if you keep an open mind.

Were there any emotional or personal obstacles you faced when writing your lyrics for "I Told My Friends About You"? Or was it easy for you to be so open and vulnerable?

At first, I was worried about highlighting my own shortcomings in dating and relationships. On multiple occasions, I thought to myself, “maybe I’m going a little too far in on this”, but the more I spoke to friends of mine, the more I understood that there are a ton of people out there who feel the same way that I do when it comes to finding and keeping love.

How would you describe the sound of "I Told My Friends About You" in terms of genres and subgenres? Did you have any artistic or stylistic influences in mind when creating it?

Somehow, despite how many years I’ve been doing this, I always gravitate to folktronica. While there aren’t any particular influences on this song, when we’re talking about this track style, we can’t do without a shoutout to Avicii, who pioneered the sound first. The song itself is all the result of one killer sample–within ten minutes of messing with it, I had written down many ideas, most of which are what you hear in the final version. I’m still amazed at how easily everything fell into place because it usually takes me weeks, if not months, of tinkering to finish things. One thing I’d like to call out, in particular, is how the mood moves throughout the song. The verses begin with optimism and slowly break down through the following choruses. Then they reset, starting from the beginning and compounding the hot-and-cold cycles many of us go through in these situations.

Should we expect to hear "I Told My Friends About You" on your upcoming debut studio album, Yuppie? Could you tell us a little more about the project itself?

While ITMFAY is not on the album, it does tee up Yuppie really well. The album is largely an anthology of my experiences while I was living in New York City. It’s crazy how much that place teaches you about yourself, and I am grateful to have gotten such a fun LP out of it. Yuppie explores my state of mind (nice) and my experiences while I was in the city, similarly to how ITMFAY does. The album is quite experimental, and it was a blast to write. I think my listeners will find it a great successor to my 2019 home-recorded LP, Haelphonics.

What's next for you?

Although this is the first time I’ve put out music in over a year, my team and I have been working a lot behind the scenes to put together a grand release of the upcoming album. So many people have been waiting patiently, and we wanted to really take the time to develop the music and the brand around it to say thank you. In the past, I put things out without a strong plan—this time, we’re coming with an arsenal of exciting content, fresh merch, and new tunes.


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