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Haiden Delivers A Sucker Punch To The Heart With “Can’t Hurt Me” Music Video

Haiden has broken onto the Pop music scene with his captivating vocals and intimate lyrics that hit you directly in the feels. Recently, Haiden’s song “Can’t Hurt Me” made waves on TikTok when he released a raw, unfinished version of the song featuring his smooth vocals, image-driven lyrics, and impressive acoustic guitar skills. This track version garnered 4M views, gaining him more than 35K TikTok followers & 10K Spotify pre-saves.

With the help of producer Barry Fowler, Haiden was able to bring the song to life. “Can’t Hurt Me” is infused with dynamic vocals and captivating lyrics, backed by energized. These emotionally-driven production elements perfectly encapsulate the themes of heartbreak and anxiety that surround the track. This is a perfect song if you’re a fan of Shawn Mendes, Charlie Puth, and FINNEAS.

Now, let’s take a deeper look at the captivating music video for “Can’t Hurt Me.” This video is set in the barren landscape of the LA River. Scenes cut back and forth between day and night, mirroring the variety of emotions Haiden portrays throughout his lyrics. His delivery is passionate and powerful, and the video perfectly reflects this.

Throughout the video, there are scenes where Haiden is perched on an isolated couch with his acoustic guitar, paying homage to the original raw version of “Can’t Hurt Me” that initially drew people in. The scenes are intimate yet engaging, as we are lured into the world of heartbreak Haiden has created with this track. He delivers a powerful and captivating performance throughout the music video, perfectly reflecting the emotionally-driven world created in “Can’t Hurt Me.”

Sit back and allow Haiden to transport you into the world of heartbreak he’s created in his compelling new music video for his single, “Can’t Hurt Me.” Make sure to keep an eye out for this rising star. He is definitely one to watch.



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