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Haiti Babii Promises To "Change Ya Life"

Haiti Babii was born in Oakland, CA and he moved to Stockton Ca at a young age. Unfortunately, his father was taken from him due to the senseless act of gun violence in the streets of Oakland. It was the move to Stockton where Haiti began to settle in and flourish in basketball. The athleticism inherited from his father, who was of Haitian descent blessed Haiti with a 45" vertical that put him on the path to the NBA. But he always felt something was different about him. Back in high school, Haiti dabbled a bit in rapping but it was never something he took seriously. It wasn’t until a case of mistaken identity stalled his basketball career. He was mistaken for someone else and shot by the police while at a party in Stockton Ca. When Haiti was released from the hospital and police custody a few days later, he knew he had survived the attack for a reason. It became his calling towards music. To reach the youth with his words and guide them down a better path, giving them the vision of hope and success that was tangible. He dropped his 1st single on July 27th 2018 with the help of his executive and friend "Gee" of slyyy ent. With hard work and determination the two launched Slyyy Ent and pushed the independent business model into the spotlight.

Haiti Babii released his single titled “Change Ya Life” and it begins with the ultimate West-Coast introduction. “Money, power respect” are the opening lyrics to the record and alongside this hyphy element to the song that’s true to the root of classic California hip-hop music. I instantly began wanting to listen to “Change Ya Life” in a car as soon as I heard the first verse. I mean, the song is just the perfect vibe to cruise around too. Haiti Babii has his own style but is still digestible for the current trend and wave of rappers. You can’t necessarily compare his artistry because it blends together a significant amount of elements. “Change Ya Life” weaves the lines between classic gangster cali rap with contemporary rock n roll hip-hop alongside witty lyricism about love, curating an entire dimension of multifaceted traits. The melody catches the attention of all generations because it has an old school flare with a new class twist to it. The hook sings “don’t go telling all your friends, we in love foreal” , the lyrics are perfect for reflecting on a significant other or love interest. Haiti Babii gave us a vibe song to be added to our playlists!

Listen to “Change Ya Life” here and get to know more about Haiti Babii below!

How has your upbringing impacted your style of music?

The tuff love from my city made me the man i am today. You can learn something from everyone in this world. So i think i just became a game sponge. So i would say it helped me to be able to recieve game from everywhere. 

Tell us about “Change Your Life” what’s this song about?

Change ya life was from life experiences from relationships to the money power and respect of the streetlife. Its just a 360 of my experiences.

What inspired you to write “Change Your Life” ?

Past relationships and my interactions with different females. And my life when i was in a different mindset and my newfound appreciation of life.

Are there any key influences for “Change Your Life” ?

Yea thooters, bops and all da skeezaz lol

What’s next for you?

Whateva the Creator has in store for me. 


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