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Haløver Is At It Again With Her New Bop "They Ain't Got It Right"

Born in Siberia, Russia, Haløver is a successful and accomplished urban pop artist. When she moved to Los Angeles in 2016, she focused all of her energy and memories of family drama fuel her fresh artistic creations. Growing up listening to inspirations like Christina Aguilera, Amy Winehouse and Michael Jackson, she comprised her own timeless style. A 90’s diva at heart, but with an invigorating and vibrant twist.

Haløver drops her hot single “They Ain’t Got It Right” and we can’t stop listening! The catchy and deliberate beat is hypnotizing and addicting. Haløver’s vocals are flawless, her unique tone set her a bar higher than most of today’s pop artists. Comparable to modern artists like SZA or Tove Lo, Haløver’s incredible lyricism and range have us bumping “They Ain’t Got It Right” on repeat. The message of “They Ain’t Got It Right” is a strong and significant message in today’s society. “We’re all shining stars and we’re all meant to thrive” is such an inspiring lyric for a young woman to sing. She’s a role model for the attitude that every artist should have, encouraging others to love themselves and believe they can succeed! A self-proclaimed weirdo in her track “They Ain’t Got It Right”, please stay weird Haløver, and keep delivering emotionally-rich melodies that resonate with such a large fan base.

Stream "They Ain't Got It Right" by Haløver here and get to know her below!

Thanks for chatting with us! Can you tell us a bit more about growing up in Siberia and how it inspired you to move to LA and create music?

I never thought I would be living in LA nor doing what I love. Growing up in Siberia, I somehow

always knew I was not going to stay there for long. My family raised me to believe that

everything was possible no matter where you are at, that’s why I never felt like I was trapped in

one place and there was no way out. But I always knew that I wanted to do music for a living,

and somehow I ended studying at Berklee College of Music in Boston where I met a lot of

incredible musicians. While studying there I went to L.A as a tourist and fell in love with the

passion inside the city. It felt like everyone was trying to achieve something big. It was a no

brainer; I left Berklee and came straight to L.A to pursue my career.

“They Ain’t Got It Right” is an awesome song! What’s the main message behind it?

Thanks! I remember back in school when I would tell my teachers that I wanted to be a full-time

musician, they would laugh at me and tell me that it is not a real profession and I should stop

playing around... Or when people would talk behind my back saying that my voice is not good

enough, that my songs are boring and my face isn’t photogenic enough; It wasn’t easy to keep

believing in myself. This song is for those moments when you feel down but deep inside you

know “They Ain’t Got It Right” and you keep pushing towards your goal.

How do you feel when you perform “They Ain’t Got It Right”?

I feel very empowered whenever I perform this song. There are so many people out there

struggling and feeling down because of what others say or think about them, and I believe this

song can give them confidence and make them feel better about themselves.

If you could collaborate with any artist who would you choose? Why?

I’m obsessed with the band called Honne! Whenever I listen to their music it takes me to

another dimension and makes me forget about everything.

Is there a full EP in your future?

For now, I’m focusing more on releasing music as often as possible but there might be an EP in

the future as well! Also, “They Ain’t Got It Right” Music Video will be out on April 26th and I’m so

excited to see what people think about it!


Follow Haløver on her social media below!



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