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Halle Abadi Is the Next Promising Sensation

Halle Abadi has been progressively finding her way onto multiple playlists around the world since the release of her 2nd single “Pandora’s Box” found its way on the Spotify Editorial Playlist. She is a constant showstopper. Her most recent release “Makes Me Bleed” did not disappoint her growing fanbase and word about her chilling vocal ability, deep lyrics, and creative production built around her distinctive tone is rapidly spreading to new ears across the world.

We were so invested in her sound that we took a few listens ourselves and we were WOW’d by the quality of her music. Both “Pandora’s Box” and “Makes Me Bleed” transformed us into die-hard fans after listening to both. From her soaring melodies to her well-crafted and finely-calibrated arrangements, Halle Abadi is nothing more than a rising sensation who has all the skill unimaginable to be the next IT girl of the music industry. She doesn’t plan on stopping just yet! Halle Abadi has plans on releasing singles in this upcoming new decade. Just to hint to you guys the title of both, “Salvador”, and “Losing My Mind”. There’s no doubt in our mind that she will execute both records flawlessly, and we’re stoked with excitement to see where her promising career will take her next. Halle Abadi is a diamond in the making and a star from the start. You might want to check her out now before her blow-up happens sooner than expected!

Listen to Halle Abadi's music here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Halle Abadi! Congratulations on being chosen as the Artist Of The Day. What has been the most monumental moment in your career so far this year leading up to this?

Hey, thank you for choosing me as your Artist Of The Day! I'm still pretty early in my career, but I'd say the most monumental moment in my career this year has been my feature on the upcoming PBS show "Celebration of Music"! I'd never experienced filming for a show like that before, so that was great. Another would be hitting 150k streams on Spotify for my latest single, Makes Me Bleed. I was overwhelmed with the support that song received and it honestly took me by surprise. 

What is your creative process like Halle Abadi?

I tend to be most creative when I'm faced with a challenge, particularly in my romantic and personal life. It sounds dark, but I take advantage of the disastrous things that happen in my life because they allow me to create art in my most vulnerable form. I just pour out whatever I'm feeling on pen and paper and worry about the tedious things later in the process. 

What inspired you to write both singles “Pandora’s box” and “Makes Me Bleed”?

I like to think of "Pandora's Box" as the predecessor to "Makes Me Bleed". Pandora's Box was written when I was uncertain about myself and if I could be good to somebody I'm in a relationship with. It highlights all my doubts and uncertainties about the relationship, and I acknowledge the power imbalance between me and my then partner. The other person is holding out for me and it worries me because I don't want to keep them waiting, but I also can't make up my mind about whether or not I should jump into a relationship. I'm doubtful about whether or not the other person would still like me if they knew what I'm like when I let my walls down. Makes Me Bleed was inspired by the heartbreak and betrayal I felt after finally letting my walls down and giving too much only to be let down. I had made my own fears come true by focusing on them too much and becoming too paranoid, instead of living in the moment and taking it day by day. 

What would you consider the most challenging aspect in the production of both “Pandora’s Box” and “Makes Me Bleed” ? in what ways were you able to overcome this?

The most challenging aspect was probably learning how to tell the story in a way that makes sense. Particularly for Makes Me Bleed, I had to cut some unnecessary things out and focus on telling my true story without the fluff. Getting more in touch with how I really felt about the situation helped me overcome this problem, structure the song in a way that makes sense and helped me recognize my true feelings and the reality of the situation, which helped me heal. 

In what ways were you able to personally relate to both “Pandora’s Box” and “Makes Me Bleed”?

As I said previously, I feel like Pandora's Box was the predecessor to Makes Me Bleed. It seems like the natural progression of things; the initial fear you have regarding getting into a new relationship, letting yourself fall into the feeling, getting too comfortable and eventually manifesting your fears into reality and feeling betrayed and heartbroken. Both songs hold a special place in my heart and have taught me lessons that I carry with me every day. 

Mind hinting to our readers what we can expect from your upcoming releases Halle Abadi?

I'll be releasing a new single titled "Salvador" in the upcoming month! It's a tale of caution and learning to set boundaries when you feel like somebody is infringing on your peace of mind. I'm currently working on an acoustic R&B/pop song that should be released in the coming months. This song is currently untitled, but it's my version of a bounce-back anthem. It's strong and unapologetic and a little bit sassy. 



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