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Hannah Ureste Has Us Sipping On a Bubbly Pop Concoction With, "You And I"

Born in Union City, CA, Hannah Ureste’s passion for music began when she was in the 6th grade. She was fortunate to come from a loving and caring family who wanted to see their daughter achieve any goals she put her mind to, which helped her passion grow.

Moving to Los Angeles six years ago, to pursue her bigger dreams for art, Hannah Ureste realized she had more to say and convey to the world and she wasn't going to do that by just playing trumpet for others. Her voice was discovered and she knew she could grab the attention of a larger audience.

Creating music that is positive and can help others see the lights at all ends of tunnels, Hannah Ureste explores musical genres and goes where her heart and mind take her.

Adapting to a luscious Pop sound that screams enthralling anthems, “You And I,” is the captivating new release from this emerging artist.

As Hannah Ureste approaches her vocalization with the angelic tenors she bellows from within herself, she radiates a striking medley of lyrics in an up-tempo vibrancy of confident expressions soaked in the core of this single.

The components that form the complexity of the instrumentation take us under its spell as we the golden trumpet notes from the multifaceted Hannah Ureste. Sending a surge of infectious grooves through the speakers, we admire the bold persona that she embodies in an empire of deluxe soundwaves oozing into our minds.

Stepping into the spotlight and placing a bet on herself, Hannah Ureste sings opulent notes that peak our ears in a reverberated spirit of boisterous self-assurance. The glorious methods in which she cascades her vocals upon the backing foundation of the music have us falling into her poignant embrace.

Pushing her limits and sharing her expressions with listeners far and wide, Hannah Ureste coveys the burning passion and appetite for desire she leaks into her mesmerizing creations. Connecting with her audience on an emotional level, Hannah Ureste is cementing her place in the industry with, “You And I.”

Congratulations on the release of your latest single, “You And I.” Could you please take us into what this song means to you?

Thank you so much! I'm very excited about this release and so happy to share it with everyone. This release means a lot to me because it takes me back to the first time I laid eyes on my now fiancée and all those feelings I had that day. The lyrics get straight to the point and I'm sure we can all agree when we first see the love of our lives we get butterflies and the excitement is out of this world. Love is a powerful thing that I hope most can experience in their lives. At the same time Ian Charlie and I were writing this song, he was having some chemical imbalances for someone as well, and having both of us in the studio with the same headspace really drove us to finish this track in only three sessions!

What went into the creative process as you brought, “You And I,” to life?

What started this creative process was first before every session having an hour chat about our daily lives, the ups and downs and just talking everything out and getting one another's opinions on things we were going through. We always try to see the bigger picture for one another in times we don't. After our talk we then decided "wow, we are in love!" and so then the writing began, and every time I put the pen to paper all I could think about was happiness and positivity. I know that may sound silly, but how could you not when love is in the air!? After singing my lyrics back to Ian, he couldn't help but agree, which then caused us to create this love story in the song.

From the start of your musical journey to now, what has been the best piece of advice that you have received?

The best piece of advice I have received is "put on your big girl panties and deal with it," "eliminate all the toxic people around you," and "never give up!" These three quotes really helped me have the drive and determination that I have today at 29 years old. Saying them to myself or having them in the back of my mind always pick me up when I'm down or can't see how much my doors have opened. It's tough for a musician and even more so in today's world. We are so hard on ourselves and at times it makes us weak because when you are weak-minded you allow the wrong people into your life or you quit. These quotes are at times a hard pill to swallow but that's life and you can't be pushed to the ground by life or the weak, you must keep walking with your head up and keep pushing for your dreams and goals.

What musical and non-musical inspirations do you allow to speak into the music that you create?

I would have to say everything that has happened in the last four years which is portrayed in my single "Freedom." That song was inspired and created to give some a bit of hope and to bring us together. My single "Calling" was inspired by someone who couldn't pick up the phone when I needed them to hurry and give me an answer. My single "You Think You Know" was inspired by arguing with someone who continuously thought they were always right when they are not. Etc. Every song is inspired by something non-musical that I have encountered with someone or witnessed. I never wanted to copy and paste something I've heard before on a record, I wanted to make my own sound, my own music, with my own experiences.

What would you like listeners to know about you and your music?

I would like my listeners to know that when I write a song, it isn't random. There is always a deeper meaning and I do want to spread more positivity in this world and I really hope that after listening you feel a sense of relief for at least three mins. My music isn't meant to put you down or make you sad, my music is my own sound and I refuse to try to do what others are doing. I may take bits and pieces of ideas from those I admire and look up to, but just like them, they created their own sounds and so will I. I want my music to make you zone out and think back to a time where you can relate or a time that made you happy. If I was inspired to write something it always comes from a good heart and at the end of the day, that's what I would like for everyone else to have.

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