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Hard Rock Has A New Face: Meet, The Plague Vaccine

Originated by the Hard Rock/Blues essence of artist Moti Dror, The Plague Vaccine offers listeners a nostalgic feel while exuding boisterous resonance.

Formed off of the foundation of the Covid-19 pandemic that the world is currently facing, The Plague Vaccine set sail amidst the pandemonium and ambiguity of the lockdown. Reigning from Israel, they are fresh off of the release of their most recent single, “Upheaval.”

Immersing us in a nostalgic 80s ambiance that accompanies thunderous guitar riffs, “Upheaval” has us lost in the fiery hunger behind the music. Dousing us in the unshakable vocalization of a tale where someone was once taken advantage of or looked down upon, we hear the confidence strike in a weighty manner as we leave the composition feeling a rush of self-assurance.

I mean, pair that with their mesmerizing visuals that define the quintessence of The Plague Vaccine, and you have a seamless reflection of everything they have to offer their listeners. Speaking words of wisdom and allowing others to feel a surge of empowerment, you can feel the gallant desires of this uncompromising band making tsunami-like waves.

Discover more about The Plague Vaccine here.


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