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Hard-Work and Creativity Are the Foundation for Curtis III Success This Year!

Curtis III has been on a steady incline in these last months of 2019. This growing artist released the single titled “Make Time” in October and connected with videographer Dancedaily for the official visuals. He’s been on a consistent run, pumping out new content week after week. Another single was released in November “Have you ever...” produced by J Pattern. This song is nothing like your ordinary or anything Curtis has released prior. this record is still melodic, serenading you with each chord. However, instead of 808s and synths, the record is driven by a guitar riff with heavy drums, adding a new special twist on his music and impressing his fans with his fresh delivery.

Curtis III is a refreshing artist that’s perfect for those who are longing for a new artist to get into. He has the trendy sound that’s marketable to the GP while remaining authentically true to his own individualistic style that will cater to a vast audience of listeners and showcase his ability to pop out like a sore thumb from his competition. 2019 was an amazing year for Curtis, but 2020 is bound to be even greater! Curtis III will be releasing new music on a week to week basis leading up to a full-length project coming in 2020 that’s bound to send waves through the industry.

Listen to Curtis III music here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Curtis III. Talk to us about your journey thus far. What has been the most monumental moment in your career so far and why?

I finally realized it comes down to trusting in myself. Once I let go of needing validation and put my all into myself that then I saw the real change I started to see progress. 

You released two amazing singles this year that we loved! What was your initial vision you had for both “Make Time” and “Have You Ever”? Did you stumble upon any challenges during the creation process of both of these tracks?

In Make Time I’m talking to myself, I’m looking in the mirror. evaluating what I want and go after it no breaks no hesitation. "Have You Ever" to me is expressing humility and again looking in the mirror and admitting what I may hide from the outside, it's me letting all out and not being held back from song structure or what’s said to be trending. 

How did you manage to find balance with staying true to your sound yet creating an entirely different arrangement between “Make Time “ and “Have You Ever”?

I never have an idea in mind about what I want to make. every song is literally me at home recording myself on a beat that J pattern dropped that day on youtube. I just catch the mood the production gives me and record. 

Between both singles, which would you say you personally relate to the most and why?

both explain me piece by piece. I want you to hear my thoughts song by song.

But if I had to choose then Have you ever… that one is just how I been feeling lately

We’re excited about your full-length project set to release in 2020. What are you planning on showcasing to your fans that will shock them in a positive measure?

I could never tell… lol 

Thank you for sharing Curtis III. Now that the year is almost over and reflecting on this past year, what has been the biggest lesson for you?

Never doubt what you create, just create and continue on.



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