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Harm Franklin Takes a Sultry Turn With His Flavorful Single, "Teacher (feat. Ye Ali)"

Born in Toronto and raised in Calgary, the Canadian Trap/R&B Artist and Singer/Songwriter Harm Franklin pitch camp in our hearts with his sultry and sensual single, "Teacher (feat. Ye Ali)."

If you're not familiar with the stylings of Harm Franklin, you might recognize some of his recent works with Curtis Waters and their hit single "Stunnin' (feat Harm Franklin)," which blew up on TikTok and garnered over 123M streams on Spotify alone.

When describing Harm Franklin's sound, he stated, "Think Drake mixed with Lil Uzi Vert, a melodic trap sound mixed with a sweet melody of drums."

Recently releasing a fresh R&B bop with "Teacher (feat. Ye Ali)," we're able to hear the authentic stylings of Harm Franklin while he pushes sensual lyricism alongside the sweet and groovy production. Not to mention the addition of Ye Ali, who delivers a similar vibe with his descriptive bars and melodic vocals, we're ready to dive deep into this sultry single.

Listening to the irresistible single, "Teacher (feat. Ye Ali)," the track begins with an organ-like synth that drones in the background, while various other synths heat the foreground alongside the down-tempo R&B drum breaks. As Harm Franklin begins delivering his sweet vocals, he starts singing a sensual message of teaching someone the ways of physical touch and passion.

The song captures this natural sense of lust that heavily exudes through each sonic element, especially with help from Harm Franklin and his descriptive lyricism. As Ye Ali makes his way in, he sings a similar sultry message yet at a more relaxed pace, offering the song an incredibly rhythmic feel through his vocal delivery.

Reaching the end of the track, we find ourselves drawn to the heat and passion of Harm Franklin's single "Teacher (feat. Ye Ali)," especially with the brilliant feature from Ye Ali and the song's natural warmth.

Hello, Harm and thank you for being with us at BuzzMusic. We're heavily impressed with the depth and passion you've brought with your single "Teacher (feat. Ye Ali)." What inspired you to create this sultry and sensual single?

Blue Mountain Dew was actually inspired by a breakup. I was really really going through the pain of losing someone I really cherished and felt intensely for. She got back with her ex, like right away and I was just depressed sipping so much lean and doing Xanax and it was just a really dark time in my life. A lot of great music came from it though and I'm in a way better place now and can look back at that difficult time and learn from it. It's to show people how to turn their pain into power, and that we all cope with things differently.

Did you produce your single "Teacher (feat. Ye Ali)?" What was the song's creative process like when formulating the warm grooves and passion within the sonics?

Curtis produced the song and it's crazy because it's actually around 4 years old. It's from the original pack he sent me, I made this, outta my league and another song that will be out soon in one session and that's when I knew I had something special together. Amongst people here and my friends/their friends, it sort of became like a cult classic before even coming out because people love it so much. I just didn't want it to fall on deaf ears so I held onto it for a while.

Why did you want to feature the likes of Ye Ali for your single "Teacher (feat. Ye Ali)?" What does he bring to the table that other artists lack?

Stunnin' really changed everything. This year felt like the first year of the rest of my life. Now it actually feels like I have a few people who actually care about my music and can't wait to hear what I give them next which is all I ever wanted and for people to feel my shit and connect to it. That's why this song means so much to me, not just because of what it got me through, but it speaks to how timeless music he and I always create. Stunnin' took over the world this year so I wanted to show that it wasn't a fluke and where it all began. This is what he and I do with our natural chemistry.. make beautiful timeless music to help you get what you're going through.

Speaking on your most renowned feature yet, being Curtis Waters' "Stunnin' (feat. Harm Franklin)," how has the single's success helped your personal career flourish?

I feel like with my song blowing up, it really wasn't hard for me to be inspired. A lot of dreams came true this year so that just fueled me to go even harder and push on, cus now I don't doubt myself or the quality anymore because I know what I have and I know stunnin' wasn't even close to the best song I've made. I guess the advice I can say is; Your work ethic is what will separate you from your peers.


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