Hatty Keane’s Cinematic Soulful Voice In New Single "Jealous" Will Captivate You

From the opening notes, you will be instantly hooked by this impressive track by London-based artist Hatty Keane. “Jealous” is a slick and gloriously soulful retro affair powered by a stomping rhythm line and an irresistible chorus. With echoes of Joss Stone at her best, this is a cool energetic and radio friendly track. The beat has this poetically inversive mixed with soul flare, sort of R&B bluesy. It stands as a great supporting instrumental to the song and plays an important role in stylistically making the single pop!

Hatty Keane's voice captures us with its funky edge and wide vocal range. Think of big soulful voices like Christina Aguilera, and P!NK. Hatty Keane has that unique and crave-for-more vocal style to her however its distinctive, making her an individual from other vocalists in her lane. The lyrics are witty, catchy and fun. The repetitive nature of the hook is good for leaving a lasting memory on us after listening.

Listen to "Jealous" here and get to know Hatty Keane in our interview below!

Hi Hatty! Can you tell our readers a little bit about your upbringing? Have you lived in London your entire life?

I was born in Manchester but grew up in a town called Macclesfield which is quite close to the countryside. I spend the week days in London and then head back home for the weekends to hang out with my mum and pet dog! I love the mixture of city life and quiet time.

When did you find an interest in music? Do you remember that first moment you felt like this was the career for you?

I loved music from an early age and played a few instruments but didn't have the confidence to sing until I was about 14. Once I started performing I knew this was the career for me, it was totally addictive.

How would you describe your artistry and style to our readers?

I would describe my sound as cinematic soul with an edge to it.

“Jealous” is such a neat track and we enjoyed listening to it, did you have any expectations before creating the song and were they met?

Thank you so much! I wanted the song to have a real retro feel in the instrumentation and also wanted to have fun with the lyrics. Being jealous is usually seen as a bad thing but we brought out a more playful side of the emotion. I'm totally happy with the results.

In your artist perception, how would you d lyrically interpret Jealous for our readers? What was your motivation for writing "Jealous"

This song is about the feeling you have when you are in love with someone and you start to get very over protective over them and jealous over the smallest things ie. Other people chatting to them or liking their pictures haha! 

What’s next for you in 2019?

Lots and lots of new music!!!

Connect with Hatty Keane on social media:

Instagram: www.instagram.com/hattykeane

Twitter: www.twitter.com/hattykeane

Website: www.hattyofficial.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/hattykeanemusic