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Have A Taste Of “Deep Fried Pepperoni” From Paollo13

The multifaceted Paollo13 is a Lebanese-Canadian writer, rapper, and record producer. Gaining recognition after winning Hopscotch Festival's "Each One, Teach One" competition, Paollo13 has been scheming and hustling to the top of the rap game.

Between his work with "The Get Down," "HUGTAPES," and the release of his debut album "Stunted Growth," Paollo13 has been keeping busy and keeping it real in a copious fashion.

Throttling through our speakers with reminiscent samples and percussion patterns, Paollo13 comes to us with the mesmerizing record, "Deep Fried Pepperoni." Collaborating with Ghettosocks on this old-school meets 2022 production, we're basking in the nostalgia that comes from such a lyrical hip-hop style.

We hear Paollo13 finessing the instrumentation as his rhyme scheme stems from the word pepperoni. There's an impressive amount of lyrical dexterity floating through the emcee skill set of Paollo13 as he uses a variety of internal, external, and slant rhymes to keep his cadences slick. Each carefully curated word flows in such a graceful fashion. This track's ease and laidback essence have us that much more enticed by its powerful grasp on us.

Once Ghettosocks adds his musical flair to "Deep Fried Pepperoni," you see this song's dimensions. His deep cantor brings a darker side to the production and keeps us on our toes throughout the entirety of "Deep Fried Pepperoni."

"Deep Fried Pepperoni" gives us everything we need when looking for that joint to slow down the narrative and take in all hip-hop brings. Listen to it for yourself today on all streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Paollo13, and congratulations on releasing your latest single, "Deep Fried Pepperoni." With such a crafty song title to immediately grasp our attention, where did the inspiration come from naming this song and laying down the concept?

Well, it's funny because everyone thinks Deep fried pepperoni is just about food, which makes sense based on the title. But it's more than that. It's about loving something that's bad for you. It's about finding comfort in the little things, like greasy food. When I began writing this track, I was reminiscing on my youth. I spent a lot of late nights getting stoned, watching Kung Fu flicks, and eating pepperoni. Occasionally I still do. We all have our little ways of escaping the world for a bit, you know?

We love the dynamic between yourself and Ghettosocks. What was it like working together to bring this song to life?

Ghettosocks and I are good friends apart from the music business. So the dynamic you hear is very genuine. Working with 'Socks is always a great time. He's such a dope and versatile MC that you know he will body any beat you bring to him. Also, we both love food, so it was a natural choice! He also just dropped a track with DK, Skyzoo, and Rome streetz called "what it seems," check it out!

Could you please shine a light on the messaging you want your audience to take away from this song?

I want listeners to remember to enjoy the little things in life. Don't be afraid to treat yo' yourself sometimes. But also remember the effects of your actions on yourself and others. Have fun, take care of yourself, and hold your sh** down.

What keeps you motivated to create original pieces of work as we hear with "Deep Fried Pepperoni?"

Honestly, my aim is always to make music that is relatable to people. To talk about human experiences in an open, honest, and entertaining way. There's enough frontin' and fabricating in the game. I want to talk about real sh**. The ordinary stuff people can understand and feel. In my darkest times, when I related to an artist, I felt like I wasn't alone in the world. I want to do that for people. I also want to enjoy what I do. What I write changes my mood. Sometimes I want to talk about partying. Other times I talk about mental health struggles. There's a place for everything so long as it's real.

What's next for you?

Right now, I've been promoting my album "Stunted Growth," which just dropped. You can grab a limited edition orange vinyl from Besides that, I've begun working on my next album, "Bamboo," which boasts features from Detroit's Marv Won and the UK's Sonnyjim. In addition, I just released a track that I executive produced under my HUGTAPES brand. "Solitude'' featuring Nathaniel Cole and Kendall Cogan, is now available on all major platforms. Lastly, I plan on touring some festivals this summer, so keep an eye out for you, man!

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