Have A Taste Of "Pumpkin Pie" With This Sweet Single By Piper Madison

Piper Madison is an Actress/Singer/Songwriter who's best known for her work on Nickelodeon's 100 Things to do Before High School’. Her new single "Pumpkin Pie" was just released on iTunes and we heard it here to tell you guys that this is a song you don’t want to miss out on! Starting out with a soft guitar string to ease you into the song and get comfortable with the instrumental before the energetic and more vibrant personality of “Pumpkin Pie” transitions in that leaves you stunned and amazed! Piper’s warm, fringy and avant-garde voice knows how to balance itself out.

Toning it down to float on top of the song beautifully in the beginning before the hook comes in, Piper strategically knows when to show us her full-ranged belts or her mellifluous charming side! The visual she released to “ Pumpkin Pie” displayed her creativity and innovative mannerism with an artistic and animated visual that’s not only fun, but storytelling. Piper Madison has everything it takes to become a success and her honeyed single can easily support these claims. Check it out for yourself and get to know Piper Madison in our exclusive interview below!

When was the moment you knew that music was something you wanted to pursue? 

For years, my favorite band has been Paramore. When they came to LA, we got tickets to see one of their concerts at the Greek Theater. We'd had the tickets for months. When the date finally rolled around, I was beyond excited. About halfway through the show, they started playing this beautiful ballad called "Hate To See Your Heart Break," and everyone in the audience turned on their flashlights and waved them above their heads, swaying to the song. At that moment, it seemed like everyone in that theater was at peace. That's when I discovered how powerful music can be, and what an impact music can have on humanity. And that's when I knew I wanted to pursue music. There have been several other moments since then that have reminded me of that feeling. I remember listening to the first mix of my song "Pumpkin Pie" and getting emotional at finally hearing this vision that I'd had in my head come to life. After we listened to that first mix, I turned to my dad, who is also my producer, and said, "This is what I want to do for the rest of my life." It's moments like those that just confirm that this is something I am meant to do.


Juggling acting and music can be difficult sometimes, how do you do it? Which do you prefer?

Juggling acting and music can indeed be difficult because there are only so many hours in the day. I'm lucky that I have a supportive family who takes me to auditions when they pop up at the last minute, helps me produce my music, and helps me turn my dreams into reality. Because we have our own music studio, I'm able to balance auditions with recording. Some days are busier than others, and some days are more stressful than others. But all in all, my family and I agree that we'd rather be busy than bored, and that it's not considered work when you love what you do. It's hard to say which one I prefer, acting or music, because they are so different. When I write and perform my own music, I feel like I am 100% authentically myself, sharing my thoughts with the world. When I am acting, I get to be someone else and try to see things from the perspective of a different person. My dream role would be one where I could incorporate music and acting.


If you can compare yourself to one artist that's breaking charts right now, who would you compare yourself to and why?

Oh, that's tough. I try not to compare myself to anyone because one of the things I appreciate most about music is the opportunity to be unique. But, I am inspired by many musicians. One of my biggest influences is Sia. I really admire her versatility as an artist. From "Some People Have Real Problems" to "Lady Croissant" to "This Is Acting," her music has always crossed genres and yet she has always been true to herself, which is a quality I strive for in my own music. In my art, I never want to be a false representation of myself. I'm very honest in my songs and try to capture my own truth in my music. 

How has acting helped your theatrical ability to convey emotion in music?

Acting has taught me how to control my mind to reach a vulnerable state and flip a switch to certain emotions when I want to. When I feel inspired by a guitar riff or lyric idea, I can tap into the emotions that I think will go with it and let those emotions carry the song that I'm working on.  I have realized that I don't always have to write about myself. For example, sometimes I write stories about characters I come up with in my head and turn those stories into songs. Acting helps me to write from other perspectives. When I'm performing a song I've written, acting also helps me to convey the same emotions I felt when I first wrote the song. 

What was your favorite element of "Pumpkin Pie"?

My favorite element of "Pumpkin Pie" is probably the lyrics. The metaphor of the light going from warm at the beginning of the song to cold at the end represents a relationship going cold, and the crumbled pumpkin pie is a metaphor for a love that is falling apart. Aside from the deeper meanings of the lyrics, I also love to eat pumpkin pie. After shooting the music video, we all ate that pie, of course! 

"Pumpkin Pie" is a neat title, how did you come up with it?

I wrote "Pumpkin Pie" about my first love. We started dating in October and we broke up in October one year later. We had this inside joke about pumpkin spice, so after we broke up, this song and the title kind of wrote themselves.

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