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Have You Ever Been a "Simp?" Machgang's Song Will Shed Light If You Were

Rap artist Machgang hails from Chandler, Arizona, and debuts his front forward, contemporary sound to the music industry with confidence. After releasing his first-ever written and recorded songs, Machgang felt the rush that the music scene had to offer and has been creating music ever since.

The latest work of Machgang includes his rap-inspired love ballad, titled "Simp." Within this track, Machgang provides a high-energy, thrilling performance. His flow is quite consistent and he delivers each line with confidence, which is always a key component of his style. The production is fast-paced and hip/hop-based, fitting well into Machgangs vigorous, intense dynamic.

If you're wondering what "Simp" is all about content-wise, then hit up the great urban dictionary to understand the title a bit more. Machgang unravels his thoughts towards a particular romantic interest, claiming he wants his particular love interest back and proving it with a whirlwind of words. He gives context towards his mistakes and mindset, all while ensuring an entertaining show is provided. We're easily entertained by "Simp," as well as the persona of Machgang, making it all the more exciting to see what this young artist has in store for us next.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Machgang. What are you thinking and feeling upon your release of "Simp?" What was the song meant to convey for you? What's good BuzzMusic, my latest song "Simp" was made because I had a dream that I cheated on my girlfriend and I wanted to convey the emotions and feelings with that from my dream in a song. I also felt other people could probably relate to their real lives making it a more relatable song that people could like. Can you elaborate on the creative process of "Simp" and how you went about collecting the influence for this single? "Simp" is another step in my new hyper pop sound and carries my classic sad stories in an upbeat beat. I wrote down the dream after I had it because when I woke up I thought it could be a good song. As an artist who is only recently emerging within the music industry, how is your experience releasing your own music in today's music era? As a new artist releasing in this era of music, I feel as if I did it at the best time. With radios not being the main way people listen to music anymore, it gives us new artists room to be given a spotlight which was previously not the case for so many artists. It is also 100x easier for me to market my music in this day in an age which has brought lots of the success I've had in my music career. Can you describe the way you believe your music hones into certain versatile aspects? How do you see "Simp" as a versatile song? The main versatility that is displayed from Simp is in the realm of what I speak on. I have never spoken of love as an emotion I've had or anything girl-related. The other side for the versatility argument is the fact that I can make another good song like my previous "Too Fast" in the same voice and can go back to my regular rap voice like "Get a Bag". What's next for you? Next for me is performing with big artists, performing at clubs, and recording music videos so the future is bright.

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