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Have Your Heart Stolen by Champagne’s, “Romantic Robbery”

Hailing from Austin, Texas, Champagne was founded by Nick Seaman after asking his co-workers at his boring office job to help out with a gig under the original name Astro Manic. Within the outstanding natural chemistry between the members, Champagne was thus formed.

Fresh off the release of their debut project into the year of 2021, Champagne shines brightly with their six-song self-titled EP ‘Champagne.’ Fixating ourselves upon the edgy sounds of the anticipating “Romantic Robbery,” we’re fully absorbed by the compelling guitar riffs, resonated bass line, and exceptionally punchy drum patterns that enhance the foreboding vocal performance present in the mix.

There’s a heightened sense of mystery that weaves through the verses before the jaunty elements explode in the chorus to deliver a feel-good ambiance rich in passion. Casting the light towards the darker elements in the composition, there’s an impeccable balance that is radiated through “Romantic Robbery,” that hones in on nostalgic tenors in the genre of classic rock as we hear the psychedelic attributes glistening all the way to the distorted guitar solo that is heavily etched into our minds. Champagne is a breath of fresh air that continues to embrace its authentic roots through harmonic bliss.

Delivering us a newfound utopia of sonic fusion each time they perform, we’re happy to bask in the glory of the musicality they allow us to simmer in. “Romantic Robbery,” is only a piece of the licentious pie that you get to indulge in when turning up the volume and amplifying the sound of Champagne. There’s plenty to go around and with their self-titled EP, you get to experience all of the flavors.

We love the spirit that “Romantic Robbery” emits. Could you please take us into your reasoning for making this the lead single on your EP ‘Champagne?'

Thanks for having me! We decided to lead with Romantic Robbery because it really showcases our unique sound and style. The title is different and really stands out. This was one of the best performances on the EP and really voices me as a songwriter. It’s definitely a great starting point to our sonic journey, and really sets the tone of the EP. Love

What inspired the narrative that we hear in the lyrics of this track?

The narrative for this song is really about the ebb and flow of new love. I just met a girl and I never expected anything to really come out of it, just taking it day by day, and the next thing I realize I can’t stop thinking about this girl. I thought “she really stole my heart” and it made me realize love isn’t really a choice, We love who we love, and we can try to avoid them all we want but if you find a special person they will eventually steal your heart.

You mentioned that Covid-19 played a role in pushing your release date for the EP. Is your band still affected by the wrath of the pandemic? How did you grow from this experience?

Covid is slowly releasing its grip on our development. We have begun to rehearse and get together to finally get back out to playing live shows and touring. Honestly, the pandemic really sucked for us, we had created a ton of momentum just as the world shut down. It was unfortunate timing. This experience tested our strength but we learned to just hold on and keep pushing as much as we can. Even when everything we worked for was suddenly put on hold and eventually lost, it didn’t matter, we just got back up on the horse and continued to keep doing what we love to do. Nothing is going to stop us to get to where we want to go.

Could you please share the concept of the six songs heard on ‘Champagne?' What do listeners have in store?

The concept of the EP is the journey of love. The intro of unsettling but exciting emotions, to the focus of You and the robbery of our hearts for one another, and then to understand the intentions of our feelings, to tiptoeing through the lofty ness that is love and new relationship energy, and finally ending with a longing of their presence and hoping love would come back.

The EP is a raw and filterless expression of the two strongest emotions we as humans feel. Love and loss. We tell this story through our unique choices of tones and our wide diversity of influences that shape the sound of Champagne.

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