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Hayley Lynn Is on Your Side

Aspiring independent/alternative artist Hayley Lynn has once again given her fans a source of comfort and reassurance with her recent release “Do For You.”

The singer-songwriter weaves supportive lyrics within contemporary electric guitars and graceful electronic synths. When it comes to her songwriting process, Hayley Lynn writes her lyrics with the intention of making the listener feel as though they are not alone in their struggles.

She provides the listener with an assurance that they will find their way back to happiness, even if they don’t see that clear path now. Additionally, Hayley Lynn places emphasis on the importance of a strong inner circle, filled with the people who want to see you succeed and love you unconditionally.

In a recent interview with BuzzMusic, Hayley Lynn shares with fans why she was inspired to write her recent single “Do For You” based upon the struggles of depression. The songwriter explained, “during the pandemic, I think everyone has struggled with depression. Even folks who haven't previously experienced it before.

Depression has always been something I've had and dealt with since I was young and it didn't get better once the lockdown started. This song is about loving someone who copes with depression. I wanted to write a song I could sing to myself, for myself. Hoping it finds peace in others the way it has for me.

Check out the rest of Hayley Lynn’s interview, here.


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