He’s Back! Smooth R&B Singer/Songwriter Germaine Drops “Doze Off”

From Norfolk, Virginia, to Murrieta, California, up and coming R&B singer/songwriter Germaine is bringing a smooth vocal register and emotive lyricism to the music scene. Germaine is making noise and trying to pave a way in today’s industry!

Back again and better than ever, Germaine released the R&B banger “Doze Off” and we can’t stop listening. The love anthem boasts elements of old school R&B while his vocals and lyricism exude a contemporary hip-hop vibe. His lyricism tells a story of falling in love with his dream girl as he weaves through emotive and vulnerable feelings for her. The lighthearted love ballad spreads a contagious feeling for all listeners to relate to and enjoy. Germaine’s finely-tuned vocals are reminiscent of a young Usher. If you check out the music video for “Doze Off” you’ll get the full effect of Germaine’s confident swagger and undeniable talent. Germain continues to drop heated summer bangers and we’re always on the lookout for what he does next! 

Stream “Doze Off” here or check out the music video below! Keep scrolling for our exclusive interview with Germaine. 

Hey Germaine! Welcome to BuzzMusic! Can you tell us about your new album "Love Ain't Fair" and some of the inspiration behind it?

The inspiration behind the album is a lot of trials and obstacles I had to overcome and face for the last couple years dealing with relationships, I basically came to the conclusion that love isn’t fair lol 

We loved the track "Doze Off" and the vivid music video to match! What was the setting of the video?

Basically it’s about a girl that’s going through it with her man and when she goes to sleep she dreams about me and how much better of a life it is.

How was the filming experience? Was there any challenges you faced while creating it?

      Nothing crazy, just I was soaked doing that rain scene lol 

From an artist's perspective, what is your favorite part of you new album? Why?

      My favorite part is the mixing and the production man! ReddVision & Astro killed it!

What can your fans expect from your new project "Love Ain't Fair"?

      Doze Off video out now! And more content coming soon, might drop another video soon ... straight like that! 


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