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Hear It First: Bad Animals Release Their New Single "All The Shakes"

Bad Animals is a high-octane punk rock band from Seattle, Washington. Their personnel is made up of members from other prominent Seattle acts. The Remnants – a long-time Seattle based act – contained musicians Wallace Brown and Cory Johnson, and after 15 years of playing together, they have reformed under Bad Animals. Lead guitarist Eric Stallard from the prominent Seattle ska group It Gets Worse and a former bandmate Lucas Chalcraft on bass round out this dynamic quartet.

We are excited to release their brand new single, “All The Shakes”, the title track from their upcoming full-length album. The song begins with an intense and powerful drum beat and guitar lines that weave seamlessly through one another. The vocals and their energetic delivery are both fresh and somewhat nostalgic, recalling Seattle punk bands I loved in my youth. The guitar solo is tastefully done, and much appreciated in an era in which guitar solos are becoming more rare. The song builds to its highest point near the end, with an immense guitar-centric outro that will blow your hair back. It is clear from the intensity of “All The Shakes” that we can expect great things from Bad Animals as they release their upcoming album at the High Dive in Seattle on March 26th, 2019.

Listen to "All The Shakes" here and get to know Bad Animals below with our exclusive interview!

It's great to chat with you guys! What's the story behind the name “Bad Animals?”

At the core of our group we're a bunch of lifelong friends getting to play music together. We were crazy youths who had a lot of fun and have been through all the crazy ups and downs of life together. A couple of us still harness that crazy reckless energy, and Bad Animals seemed fitting for the four of us.

Being from Seattle, obviously punk rock is a big part of the music scene there. Who are the artists that you look to for inspiration and influence?

Seattle’s punk scene is thriving now as it always will. Not only are we fortunate to play often with killer bands, but we also get to hang out with the wonderful humans in them. We love Question? No Answer, Burn Burn Burn, FCON, The Deadset, and so many others. Every time we play out I feel inspired by the bands we see.

What's the meaning or message behind your newly released single, “All The Shakes?"

All The Shakes is about a death in my family and the drive to my moms house that day with my best friend Kevin. The less literal part has advice/ conversations with my mom intertwined.

Can you talk a little bit about your overall writing process as a band?

I write most of the music at home and try to get a general idea of the song's structure, but nothing’s ever complete until we all get together and actually build and finish the song as a band. The music wouldn’t be possible without each of us contributing.

What's in store for the future of Bad Animals beyond your upcoming album release?

After the release we’re all very anxious to get new songs going and keep building on what this band is. In the end we're four lucky guys getting to do something we love.


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