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Hear It First: Jonas Brøg Premieres His Brand New Music Video "All Across the Sky"

Jonas Brøg is an emerging songwriter who spent years working behind the scenes as a producer for other artists. After many years of sitting behind two speakers, Jonas was itching to start creating his own music. He found the process of drumming immensely therapeutic, and this reignited his love for creating music. His first two singles, “Tell Me Why” and “I Think of You I Cry” were successful on Denmark's biggest national radio station, P4, as well as Spotify's “Indie & Alt” playlist.

Today, BuzzMusic is excited to premiere Jonas Brøg's brand new music video, “All Across the Sky”. Beginning with a simple beat, the soothing undertone of this song is immediately brought on by the soft vocals, building slowly to the soaring and expansive chorus. The instrumentation and backup vocals beautifully complement and support the vocals throughout the song. It is the type of song that is so well paced and can so easily create a relaxing and blissful atmosphere for the listener. With the premiere of this new single, we are excited to see what the future has in store for this up and coming artist.

Check out Jonas Brøg's "All Across The Sky" here and get to know Jonas in our exclusive interview below!

Hi Jonas! Great to chat with you! Would you describe your background and how you got involved with music and songwriting?

I was born into a family of creative souls, I grew up in wonderful Copenhagen, where my parents, grandparents, and most of my family are deeply rooted in classical music, so there was no escape, but I'm the only guy writing and singing my songs. I live in Amsterdam now, since many years, but I do miss Scandinavia more and more, and I go back a lot. I never really chose to create music, just always did it. It's my way of breathing, and my tiny microscopic way of trying to contribute something good on earth.

Who would you say your biggest musical influences are? How have they helped shape your career in the music industry?

Snow Patrol, Johnny Cash, James Bay, Leonard Cohen, Lewis Capaldi, Jamie Lawson, James TW, James Arthur, The Black Keys, Tom Waitts. I’m a singing drummer, writer & producer, and I think that the rhythm in the different melody-languages I listen to a lot, is very important to me, but maybe even more important to me is if it feels real & honest, story-wise, but also in tone of voice. The most meaningful thing I know, is when I touch a feeling in people listening to my song. As a maker of melodies, and sharing my stories, I feel it's all I really have.

Describe your general approach to songwriting?

I only have one rule as to writing songs for myself; the story has to be 100% honest, and whenever a line sneaks in that doesn’t feel skinless honest, I throw it away. All in all I throw most ideas away, but once in a while a melody comes out of nowhere I guess, and it’s stuck in my mind. That’s when I know I might be on to something, melody-wise. Once I have all sections of the song more or less finished, then the production-journey starts,and that’s usually dreadful, as in, it takes forever with most of my songs to get anywhere near ready to play for a strangers ear. I’m an extremely slow producer for my own songs, but it's something I have to do. I stopped writing and producing for other artists, and now I'm only creating songs as therapy, writing about what I'm going through. It started about 3 years ago, I got to know the dark side of life. I was born happy, had a happy life until then, never really understood the concept of people being depressed, off course I've had challenges, but never did I feel completely dark inside. Now I know the dark side too. Some songs are a little less slow done that others, but most productions are taking forever to get some sort of ready. ‘All Across The Sky’ took me about a year, in a little more than 60 different versions. But once it’s done, it’s done, I have peace, I move on to the next story I need to express.

Is there a particular meaning or message behind your new single “All Across The Sky”?

‘All Across The Sky’ is about the process of closing a chapter, moving on to a new journey. I salute people who have the courage to throw around their lives, leaving a situation that isn’t doing them any good anymore, to move towards better times. I'm in a transition mode myself at the very moment, and with hope in my heart, as the good saying goes, when one door closes another one opens.

What does the future look like for you, Jonas?

I've never felt more fulfilled than now as a maker, releasing my own songs, standing for who I am, I've never been more open, sharing the stories about the real things in my life. I feel brutally vulnerable like this, but crazy thankful for the reactions I get from people who listen to my songs. What I write now gives me a world of difference in meaning, success or not, though struggling with the dark side, I feel like I'm on my way home.


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