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Hear It First: Robyn Bennett Teaches Us To Live In The Moment With New Song "It's Not Over"

Robyn Bennett is an american singer songwriter currently based in the land of love - Paris, France. On February 1st, Robyn released her new song“It’s Not Over” from her brand new album "GLOW". The listener is smoothly inserted into this lavishly ornamented track of blues and soul. Robyn Bennett brings the listener a reflective and groovy ballad accompanied by smooth, strong and sultry vocals. The smoothness and overall delivery of the song brings you into the life of Robyn Bennett and her progress as a musician and overall as a person chasing their dreams. This song is very inspiring as it's full of confidence that really does rub off on you as you listen. The listeners can relate, we are all human. We strive to achieve goals and dreams on a daily basis.

Throughout "It's Not Over", we hear the strength and persistence that Robyn holds in her life path as a musician. Robyn reminds the listener that it is surely not over yet for her and she is determined to reach her full potential. The witty lyrics and upbeat groove make for a great addition to any playlist. The percussion and retro piano instrumental adds a flare to the song, specially with the soft backing vocals - it makes for a great contrast. The bridge of "It's Not Over" is a great transition. It brings us to the final verse and chorus to tie up all the loose ends in a beautiful way! Robyn Bennett is an innovative and refreshing artist that you need to keep on your radar! Get inspired with Robyn Bennett and listen to "It's Not Over" here. Be sure to check out her new music video and brand new album titled "GLOW" released Today!

Check out our exclusive interview with Robyn Bennett as we discuss her brand new song "It's Not Over"!

Hi Robyn - welcome to BuzzMusic! Care to introduce yourself to our readers?

Hi, my name is Robyn Bennett and I’m an American singer living in Paris, France.  I grew up in rural Pennsylvania and moved to France about 10 years ago to dedicate my career to making music.  We have been touring around Europe and making records for the past 10 years and our 3rd album of original songs “GLOW” came out on February 1st!

What was the inspiration behind your music video and what would you like your viewers/listeners to take away from it?

The inspiration behind “It’s not Over” is just about realising that there is still so much in store for me as an artist and as a human being.  Sometimes, we can get caught up in everything that’s happening (or not happening) and feel stuck artistically.  This is just about realizing that all that has happened good and bad has shaped who I am and has made the person who I am today and there is still so much more to come!

Did the songwriting and composition for this song come easily to you?

The songwriting process for this song (as with most songs on this album) came quite easily.  All the songs on our album were co-written by Ben van Hille and myself.  Ben plays the trombone in the band and also does all the arranging.  We work really well together and things just sort of seem to flow.

What do you hope to accomplish with your music?

I hope to make people feel something through my music, whether they feel happy and want to bust a move or if a song provokes something in them that makes them want to cry, that’s good too.  I just hope that people can relate to what I’m saying and that they can feel whatever it is they need to feel through the music.

Can you tell us a bit about this lyric, “You will not be the one to look back at their youth”?

This lyric is just about not being too nostalgic and thinking that everything was so much better or easier when I was younger.  I think it was actually harder ! Also, not looking back too much and thinking “oh I should have done that or I could have done that”, but just really living the moment and taking it all as it comes without any regrets.

What is your favorite lyric of the song?

“Thinking that every chance, every dance, every song, every wrong is bringing me oh so close to who I am”.

Who or what would you say is your biggest influence on your newest album?

I would say our biggest influence on this new album is New Orleans.  We spent a month in Algiers Point soaking it all in and that’s where the writing of this album began.  We were so inspired by all the music and the people in New Orleans, there is so much soul and life there. 


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