Hear The Latest Album "M.U.M.D" From Sed’Trieaun

Welcome back to BuzzMusic Sed’Trieaun! Tell us what is new!

I’ve been busy, busy learning in all aspects of life. Progress is a process!!

What's been the biggest obstacle you had to overcome as an artist so far?

Gaining an audience. Learning how to promote on social media is important! You’d be surprised what a targeted post and $30 would get ya!!

"Relay" was a spectacular song. how were you able to fit this into the overall theme of your album "M.U.M.D"?

With it being my first official project, I tried to get in a zone with a few people who motivate me. And the music produced itself honestly!

What emotion did you have to channel the most while writing "Relay"?

When collaborating with Alec Burnright, it’s always a vibe! Energy’s oozing out of the room. I had to match his level of excitement! My boy is lit all the time!!

What's the legacy you hope to leave behind you, Sed’Trieaun?

Don’t limit yourself, cause you are your own worst enemy.

What's the major dream for you?

Touch people around the world! Be the extra push a person needs to succeed at whatever endeavour!

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