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Hear The Soothing Sounds Of Gigi Santos As She Slows The Tempo

Shirin Tinati Photography

Gigi Santos is a Puerto Rican singer-songwriter based in NYC. Being influenced by the R&B, jazz, Latin, and classical styles she grew up listening to, Gigi Santos describes her sound as "sensual, yet appealingly melancholy," best fitting into the Alternative R&B genre. Gigi can stack intricate vocal harmonies over a textured production with a background in choir and music composition, bringing dreamy nuances to her music.

As reflected in her music, the artist's heavy use of imagery allows the listener to enjoy a vivid experience. Gigi Santos claims, "If you weren't able to escape your current reality and feel the emotions being conveyed, then I haven't done my job."

Drowning us in her infectious R&B ballads, Gigi Santos immerses us in the captivating essence of "Take It Slow." The sparsity in the instrumentation leaves us wanting more right after the first note touches down. Her croons' easy flowing and smooth conveyance take our minds to an atmosphere fuelled by love and lust as she gracefully reiterates intimate lyrical motifs.

"Take It Slow" has us longing for the vocal range of Gigi Santos as she powerfully emits her carefully crafted wording. "You know what I'm thinking; you always do. Even though you say that I'm a mystery to you" is a prime example of how the lyrics truly matter and make up the ultimate scope for our headspace to travel to. Nostalgia is making waves in today's contemporary R&B, and this song falls directly into the 90s and early 2000s category of heartrending tunes.

Gigi Santos does an exceptional job at having us feed off her emotions, and it's a skill like that which has us more intrigued by her every move. "Take It Slow" sets Gigi Santos apart as she continues to follow her lane to success.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Gigi Santos, and congratulations on the release of "Take It Slow." You showcase such a delicate yet prevailing sound on this record. What inspired the sonic approach you took to this song?

That’s such an interesting way to put it! My sound is generally very intimate, but with this song particularly I wanted to be able to sonically convey the chaos that was going on in my head. I didn’t even know what I was feeling until I started writing everything down, and it gradually went from slight discomfort to extreme frustration - so I tried to mirror that shift in emotion in the production with the help of producer, Mark Neidhardt.

Is there a particular story or moment that brought the lyrical content to life for you?

This song is based on a specific experience a few years ago when I was getting adjusted to a new city, new job, new people, etc., and I met a guy who wanted to get into a serious relationship. At the time I didn’t really know how to communicate my needs/boundaries, and my thoughts and emotions were just all over the place. So the lyrics are all the things I wish I was able to say.

How important is it for you to write from a place of experience? Do you often find your lyrics retelling a story or manifesting the future?

I personally don’t think it’s always necessary to write from a place of experience, but it IS necessary to know enough about what you’re talking about in order to relate to your listeners and maintain your credibility. You don’t want to be singing about topics you know nothing about - especially anything controversial or sensitive. I do find that my lyrics retell stories, whether they’re my own or those of others because that’s the best way to take your audience through an experience. Each song is its own short story that should leave listeners feeling differently than they did before hearing it.

What has been your proudest accomplishment to date?

I don’t necessarily have a specific accomplishment but more so a quality that continues to flourish as I continue my journey as an artist; And that is my ability to bring to life any idea that pops up in my head. When I say I want to do something, I make it happen. Having the determination, discipline, and ambition it takes to execute and deliver my art is what I’m most proud of. I’ve really been challenging myself with not only my creative output but the quality of that creativity. Nowadays consumers are so short attention-spanned that artists have been forced into beating algorithms by dropping single after single, which I think diminishes the quality of the art. And although the artists who are taking the time to produce quality music might not necessarily achieve quick results at first, they will absolutely achieve longevity, and that’s what I’m striving for.

What's next for you?

Next, I’ll be continuing the story behind “Take It Slow” in my next EP coming out very soon!


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