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Heard it first: Luani. “Mirror/Mirror”

Luani., which means "The Lion" in Albanian, is an independent singer, songwriter, composer and music producer based in Sweden originating from Kosovo. Luani. is the name that symbolizes love with strength, power and dominance which is also the result of his upbringing as a child in various foster homes and families. Through his music you hear not only a reflection of his upbringing but also situations and experiences in the present which he tells through his strong silky voice with melancholic melodies and lyrics on his simple but well-produced instrumentals. Luani.'s style would be somewhere within Pop and R&B. "Mirror / Mirror" is the first single that Luani. releases today, February 15. The song is about a relationship between Luani. and a girl whereupon the girl does not understand her weaknesses and instead projects her challenges on him without checking herself in the mirror. Luani. wrote the song to inspire other people who are in a similar situation to stand up for themselves, to not let them be pushed down by negativity but instead learn to love themselves even more through self-empowerment.

Wow! There are some really interesting elements going on in this single. We can hear some current R&B artist that have similar sounds but there is definitely a sound all his own here. The pop/electric beat makes this song one that you can easily catch within a Top 50’s night club.

We love how diverse his vocal range is and there was a pitch he hit that just sent this track over the top in the best way possible! We can hear the issues that carried on within the relationship in the lyric choices. There is a vent session here but also something very self-empowering saying you do not have to deal with this and you can make it out!

Listen to "Mirror/Mirror" here, and connect with Luani. using the links below!



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