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Heartfelt Artist Audrey de Boer Showcases Her Youthful Perspective in 2019 Music

Pop artist Audrey de Boer hails from British Columbia, Canada, and has been working hard throughout 2019 to get her true intentions across to her listeners. She delicately tells her stories, highlighting some of her artistic talents along the way. Her voice gets extremely dynamic as you listen through her music, even music that came before 2019! We enjoy the fact we get a consistent sound from Audrey de Boer because it easily shows us what we can expect each time a new track releases.

Audrey de Boer gave it her all with her 2019 releases. When we came across track releases such as "Nice Guy", we realize the intrinsic pop element Audrey de Boer has tied to her vocal delivery. She adheres to the Pop music category, working to articulate her sounding in a hopeful way that stands out to listeners. "Nice Guy" is definitely that track you can see featured on your local hit radio station playlist, which paints a clearer picture of the type of sound Audrey de Boer produces with her voice. Other tracks such as "love x war" is more serene and innocent than other notable tracks. With this track, Audrey tries to be softer from a vocal standpoint, instilling a sense of comfort within listeners. Yet, once listening to the lyricism of Audrey de Boer, we come to understand that there's pain and an intricate system of emotion behind her songs. "love x war" is one offering from Audrey de Boer that showcases her octave range extremely well, which makes it one of our favorite 2019 releases from her! All in all, Audrey de Boer had 2019 filled with her inspirations and vocal offerings, and she assures that 2020 will follow a similar suit!

Listen to the soundings of Audrey de Boer here.

Welcome, Audrey de Boer! We really appreciated the sound you gave listeners throughout 2019. Notably, your 2019 was smooth, consistent, and really adhered to that pop-like styling. How do you feel looking back at how your music was produced?

Hi! Thank you so much for having me back. Yes, 2019 has been such an incredible year for my music and I have now marked the full first year of my music career as I released my very first song – Tell Me You Love Me - to the world in December 2018. Looking back on 2019, I feel that with each song I learned something new about how I would do a little of everything differently and equally and how I would do a lot of everything the same. The songs that I released in 2019 are all produced with Adam Stanton and we work very well together. I am so proud of each production and would say that the thing I love the most about music is the ability to create such different feelings depending on the way I want to go with the song. I am super happy with each single I’ve created and will keep bringing lots of creativity to each track moving forward.

As a young artist, do you feel there are any prominent challenges you face artistically as a result of your age?

Yes and no. I feel like being so young is an advantage in that I have so much to learn about everything and I feel like starting out in the professional music scene at 16 allowed me to have room to sort out so many things early. On the flip side, I am so new to everything and I have so much to learn. Time is such a gift and we all know that truly being artistic takes time to play with the processes to build great tracks. I feel that there are so many others in this sea of new and young artists, so it is really important to be artistically creative and find your own true sound in order for you to stand out amongst everyone. Being a teen, I absolutely get overwhelmed with all the commitments I have to school, work, and wanting to spend all my time working on music. This being my graduating year from high school adds a layer of challenges as I have many goals for music and also have many commitments in my final high school year. Achieving balance is difficult, but music is always the thing that keeps my head clear.

Tracks like "love x war" really captured our hearts for the full 2 minutes and 57 seconds of the song. How do you ensure that you're winning over your listeners regarding that intricate connection between artist and listener?

“love x war” has undoubtedly been the most vulnerable song for me and I feel that is why the artist to listener connection is so strong throughout the entire song. The lyrics in “love x war” are heart-wrenching because they were written directly from my soul and were born and recorded in the moment of one of the most painful experiences of my life. The emotional weakness and passion in my voice come through exactly as it unfolded. 

For all my songs I write and create them to stay true to the story that I am telling which allows the real, raw emotions to stand out in the recordings and capture the attention of the listener. I feel that this connection is essential for me as an artist to my listeners and affects me the same way when I am listening to other artists' songs. When I feel vulnerable, I feel a different connection with that music because it changes the way the song leaves me. 

As a musician, please tell us a bit about your songwriting process. How do you take your vision and turn it into a completed product?

My songwriting process varies, depending on where I am and how I feel. I do not follow a specific songwriting process. I never force myself to write a song in a certain way. Most of the time when a song idea comes to my mind whether it’s the hook, a melody idea, the meaning of the song, or some random words that I would like in the song, I will record any of these things into my Voice Memos and then listen back to them and build on them. I’ll journal about the story I’m telling and it’s a process of trial and daring to suck when I vibe with whatever melody ideas come to me. I find it difficult to write to something really stimulating so most of the time when I write prefer to come up with a little vibe or a simple chord progression once I have an idea of the mood of the song. 

Will 2020 be seeing any collaboration with other artists? 

Absolutely! I am so excited to say that as of right now there are two collaborations in the works and there will be more to come in 2020!

As a final thought, how are you hoping to start off 2020 artistically? Are you one to set goals, or do you follow more of a live-as-you-go type of perspective? 

I’m very excited about 2020! While my focus is always to continue making new music, my big goal for 2020 is live shows. I am stoked to get out to play my songs on stage, as it is such a different musical experience for me and the listeners. I am absolutely the type to set goals as I find that I work better when I create deadlines for myself.



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