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Hearts Flutter In The Essence That Is, “Ladybug”

Being first recognized in 2017 with his project titled, ‘Nocturnal-EP’ Ernando Recendez is a certified master in tasty jams. With a drive for getting funky in the music he creates, you can find him dwelling throughout Southern California, more specifically Pico Rivera, when he’s not at Nantendo Records™.

The luscious soundscape that is his most recent single “Ladybug” has us delving into a particularly unique sound that is custom to the musical universe of Ernando Recendez. Casting out powerful vocals that sit in a soothing vessel of tranquility isn’t an easy feat, but the contrast that Ernando Recendez brings forth in “Ladybug” is like no other.

Immersing us in a funk-fueled atmosphere that continuously flourishes as the song progresses, there’s therapy found in the tantalizing hues offered up. We wish we could classify the resonance propelling through our speakers for you, but the truth is, Ernando Recendez hones in on a myriad of genres that seamlessly fuse together on the indie spectrum.

With striking lyrical motifs that paint picturesque imagery in your mind, the way that the harmonies come soaring in leaves nothing up for interpretation throughout this song. Ernando Recendez manages to tell a story about love all while tapping into the liberating feeling we all have when not attached to our emotions.

Bringing this vision to life in the form of this single, we’re captivated by the cohesive elements all across the board as the musical foundation acts as the perfect bed for Ernando Recendez’s angelic croons to lie upon.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Ernando, and congratulations on the release of "Ladybug." You bring such a refreshing take to the various genres you play upon. What inspired the exploration of your signature sound? Has this always been the sound people have known you for?

Thank you! My sound is like a big soup of different genres, so I usually call it Pop. Whatever your dad's favorite song is, it's probably what I like listening to. I love the music from the 60s, 70s, and 80s. The music from those eras was memorable, easy to listen to, and fun. Whenever I write, I always think about accomplishing three things: it has to be catchy, simple, and fun! So, I guess that's probably Pop. When people can recognize that in my songs, then hey, I did my job :) I never want my fans to expect how my songs should sound like because every piece I write is so different from the last. Ladybug stands out from my other pieces in that it has my signature "Nando-Pop" with an 80s rock kind of drive. Please take a listen you'll see what I mean!

In your own words, what does "Ladybug" mean to you? What do you hope that your audience can take away from it?

"Ladybug" is the kid that lives in all of us. It's about "getting messy" and falling in love, and I don't know about you, but when you're a kid in love, it doesn't have to make sense. All you're thinking about is that this is the best feeling in the world. Ladybug is the song you put on when you blast your tiny computer speakers, close your door, and dance like nobody's watching. I want whoever's listening to my music to feel good. I think everybody deserves to feel good and dance like nobody's watching.

With energy so lively heard in this record, could you please take us into what the studio session looked like when crafting this track?

I think we finished recording this song the day it was written. And, when I say, "we," - I'm referring to myself and my co-writer, who happens to be my dad. Usually, I noodle (mess around) on guitar until I get a catchy little line or whatever, but I vividly remember "Ladybug" coming to me. I recorded everything in my room or garage, and once I laid down the guitar and bass parts, the song was pretty much done. I already had my verses and choruses in my head. All that was left was my dad on drums. I'm a perfectionist, so I usually have him record many, many takes until we get the right one. Sometimes we'll start recording at eight and not finish until one is, but with Ladybug, we got in less than five takes! It was super fun recording this song. We kept getting new ideas to throw in, and we had to tell ourselves, "Ok, we need to end now, or it's going to be an 8-minute song." I think the good vibes come from the fact that it's just my dad and I was jamming out. Who doesn't love jamming out with their dad?

Being supported by your family is such a blessing for a career path in the arts.

What do you feel like you have gained from such a supportive family?

My parents have always encouraged college, but they've always told me that if the music were what I wanted to do, I would pursue that and be the best at it. My mom is a super go-getter, she doesn't waste time, and when it comes to music, she's always making sure to put me in front of the right people. I call her my "momager." Both my parents are musicians, so I know they understand the drive I have. My dad met my mom by auditioning for her band in the 80s. I'm here because of the music. We're one big team. My dad's my drummer, my brother's bass player, my mom's our momager, and my girlfriend manages my messy self. I've met and worked with some amazing musicians because of my family, and a lot of my taste in music comes from their playlists. I got four different heads telling me what works and what doesn't. I know they want what's best for me, so just for them to say to me like it is, I mean, come on, I got the best family/team.

What's next for you?

Currently, I'm working on some new music, I mean…when am I not? I plan to release music in the next coming months. We've fortunately been so busy. You would think during the pandemic we wouldn't be, but we've been blessed with shows every single weekend since the first Covid shut down here in LA. I love being on stage, singing songs to people, seeing their smiles, I want to give them the best show, and when they come back to see me, I want them to love it more than they did the first time. I just like making people feel good, so if I can make you feel good with one of my songs or at one of my shows, then boom, I've accomplished my goal.

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