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Heather Grey Gives Us “The Answer”

There’s just certain rappers who has this way of allowing their legendary aura shine through in the way they flow and deliver. You instantly remember these specific lyricists and you begin to anticipate their next release. Some great examples would be J.Cole, Kendrick, and Drake. However, there’s a new face in the game and a rising rap star who goes by the name of Chuuwee who delivered his effortless bars on a detailed and well executed beat produced by the musician Heather Grey from Utah. “The Answer” doesn’t fit into the same category as those aggressive trap records that lack substantial meaning do. Instead, it has a relaxed aura but contains lyrics that have quality material behind the wordplay and inversive punchlines. The beat is subtle and showcases a melody from a variety of light instrumentals, such as the bass guitar. The rhythmic motion can be credible to the drumming you hear during the hook while Chuuwee is still projecting his consistent rap. An iconic rapper alongside a multi-talented producer are the perfect ingredients for a unique hit such as “The Answer.”

Catch Heather Grey's "The Answer" on Spotify, and remember to check out the artists exclusive interview below!


Besides producing, do you also get behind the mic Heather?

No, I don't, it's not really my place. I stick to the piano, drums, sampler, & let the music speak for itself.

How would you describe your style?

That's a good question, & a little difficult to answer because I've tried to approach each project I've done differently so they all have a pretty different sound. But generally my style is hip hop, heavily influenced by boom bap & golden era producers/sounds. Lots of jazz & soul influences. I try to incorporate a mix of sampling with live piano & drums.

Tell us a little bit about the single “The Answer” and what it means to you

When I made the beat for "The Answer" I immediately thought of Chuuwee. I gave him essentially no guidance for the track because I really wanted to see where he would take it, & I'm so happy with how it turned out. The song is just soul & energy; it makes me smile. Anytime I've performed it live people can't help but move around, it's so fun to see. The song itself doesn't have a specific message or anything, it's just good music that's meant to make you happy, ya know?

Coming out of Utah there isn’t really a heavy rap scene out there, how do you plan on shining light on the talent in that small town?

Talent is something that Salt Lake has a ton of. It is incredible to me how many talented musicians & artists there are, & because of that the art scene in Salt Lake City is really thriving. Honestly I'm not focusing on really shining light on anything, rather working to promote comradery & growth within the city & culture itself. I think that is something that needs to continue to happen & that others will start to recognize the talent here as a natural result.

What’s next for you through 2019?

I'm just focusing on getting better, that's my goal with everything. I want to progress in every way possible. I'm working on doing visuals for past songs, as well as a full length project that hopefully will arrive in the summer. I'm working on performing more & meeting new people both in & outside of my city. I'm producing an EP for a good friend & very talented vocalist & I hope to get to produce more projects for others. So yeah, I'll be staying pretty busy. 


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