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Heather Morningstar Is Giving Us Alternative Rock Flashbacks with “It’s Okay”

Heather Morningstar, an artist from Columbus, Ohio gives us a flash from the past with

her unique execution of alternative rock. Although Heather Morningstar released her EP “When The Sun Refuses to Shine” in early January of this year, her sound is quite inimitable. Heather's

new album “When the Sun Refuses to Shine” reveals her journey through recovery, and the

tracks have been undoubtedly manifested to express the disparate and raw emotion identifying

with her newfound resurgence.

The vocals in Heather Morningstar’s “It’s Okay” bring back an incredibly familiar sound from the

early 90s—a heavy alternative rock sensation. “It’s Okay” is one of those songs that will easily

get you bobbing your head along with the strident rhythm. The implementation of the vocals

alone are comparable to elements that bands such as The Cranberries, Stevie Nicks, and The

Pretty Reckless express. Keep an eye out for Heather Morningstar—even though she gives us

some serious flashbacks, her future, if of any reflection of her new EP, is quite promising! We can't wait to hear what's next.

Listen to “It’s Okay” on Spotify and catch our exclusive interview with Heather below!

Hey Heather! Please introduce yourself to our readers.

Hi! I'm Heather Morningstar from Columbus, Ohio.

Who were your biggest inspirations for your EP “When the Sun Refuses to Shine”?

My biggest inspiration for my EP was my sobriety and journey in recovery. Without, none of this would be possible.

What inspired “It’s Okay”?

'It's Okay' was inspired by my need to express the opposite of what I was feeling at the time in my dark state of drunken loneliness.  I wanted to ease the minds of those who cared about me.

Making a big impression in the world of alternative rock can definitely be a milestone. How do you expect to make a breakthrough?

I expect everyone to fall in love with me of course. The listeners are everything in this line of work. But I will be taking every opportunity presented to me.  The Universe has guided me this far and I trust that it is guiding me in the right direction. So, my breakthrough will come from not only hard work, determination, passion, positivity and being unique, but by having music that people can truly relate to and be inspired by. 

What is one piece of advice you’ve always follow throughout the creation of your music?

The one piece of advice I have always followed is that music is magical, and there is no "one formula" or "right way" to write a great song. Never force it, let it happen; let it come to you. 


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