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Heidi Webster Lights the Speakers in, "Neon"

Heidi Webster's artistry, creativity, and passion for the power of music comes from her career, not only as a performer but as a music therapist in hospice care.

A songwriter and performer since childhood, Heidi Webster moved to LA in 2016 after starring in the Broadway-review smash hit Showstoppers at the Wynn, Las Vegas. There, she began working with Grammy Award-winning producer, Keith Olsen, and Tom Weir, Grammy-award-winning engineer.

Delving into her latest single, “Neon” Heidi Webster transports listeners to a nostalgic era filled with glimmers of synth-Pop. The effervescent beat structure resides in a jaunty universe of electric synths and tight drum patterns as Heidi Webster cascades her atmospheric vocals over top of the musical arrangement.

There’s a welcoming tenor to her striking timbres that echo in a basin of reverberation. Instantly gravitating towards her delicate yet prevailing presence emitted, you feel familiar with the company of Heidi Webster performing through this luxurious soundscape brought forth in your headphones. With Heidi Webster and Andrew Schwartz behind the production helms of “Neon,” they prove that the details truly matter as the production elements illuminate an intricate atmosphere filled to the brim with connecting pieces.

Our favorite addition to the instrumentation has to be the sound of a neon sign flickering off that is buried in the composition but visible if you’re willing to take a deeper listen. Coming to the final moments, the vocal layers in the bridge grab your attention with the distorted layers projecting a textured dimension to sweep you into the final chorus.

“Neon,” has us out of our seats and dancing to the brightly displayed buoyancy at hand. Be prepared to have this track on repeat, and don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Congratulations on the release of “Neon.” Could you please take us into the moment or story that shaped your inspiration for the song’s narrative?

Thank you so much! It’s been so much fun writing and producing this new single, Neon. The idea came to me randomly earlier this year. I have been so obsessed with neon and neon signs for the past couple of years and ordered a custom sign for my apartment. It honestly brings me so much joy to have this glowing piece of art that I knew I had to write a song that included Neon in the hook. It came together really quickly after that. The concept for the song really has felt similar to how it has felt for everyone this past year. Being alone, being in quarantine, and being unsure with so many uncertainties. It’s also that feeling you get when you meet someone new that brings a spark into your life that you didn’t realize was missing. How do you find this track compares to the other music heard in your catalog? Taking a more 80’s Pop vibe into the sonic elements, does this represent you as an artist and the direction your music is headed? Yes, definitely. There is for sure an element of this in all of my tracks coming up on my new EP, Night Light, which will be released in June. There are common threads that you can hear while keeping each tune unique to its own theme. I just love an 80’s throwback so much. I love electronic elements and finding new ways to incorporate them into my production. In terms of themes, messaging and emotions felt, what are you hoping that your audience takes away from this track? I want this song to feel fresh and fun for people now that we are coming into a new time and getting out more. It’s a renewed sense of positive energy. A summer song vibe. When I created this song I wanted something that makes people want to get up and dance or tap their toes. If someone feels good when listening to it then nothing could make me happier. What can you tell your audience about your EP ‘Night Light,’ which’s set to be released in June of this year? Does “Neon,” reflect what we’ll be hearing? I am so excited to share the songs on this EP! They are all so different while still feeling cohesive at the same time. The idea of the album came when I was starting to see a common theme in my music. Each of the songs on the album have an element in them that references something that shines a light in the dark, each in a different way. It’s something that really represents who I am and how I want to live my life. Neon is the most upbeat song on the album but not the only toe-tapper. There is a collaboration I’m extremely excited about and the production is a wide range. I believe there is something for everyone. What's next for you, Heidi? I will be having another music video released that will come out with the EP, Night Light, at the end of June, which I am thrilled to announce will be a cover of, Sky Full of Stars by Coldplay, filmed and directed by Kat Hennessey. It’s unsure when live music will be back in full swing but I think we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Once the EP is out it is onto the next project. I feel so honored to get to do what I love and music has helped me find my voice. You can keep up with all of the behind-the-scenes of the making of my music video, Neon, on my Instagram @heidiwebstermusic, and check out my website for updates as well as my catalog at Thank you so much for having me!



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