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HeIsTheArtist Touches on Temptation With His Latest Single, "Virgin"

Drifting in from Central Islip, NY, the Christian artist, and singer-songwriter HeIsTheArtist returns with a unique dance/r&b single, "Virgin." Coming fresh off his well-received rendition of Fleetwood Mac's "Landslide," HeIsTheArtist is now eager to deliver more in-depth topics through his Christian upbringing while drenching the sonics in modernity and familiar flairs.

Now releasing his powerful single, "Virgin," HeIsTheArtist places a hefty electronic beat into this track while fueling it with r&b and pop influences abound. While touching on topics of temptation and vows of abstinence, HeIsTheArtist truly fused this track with an incredibly conceptual lyricism that tells a unique and needed story.

Hitting play on "Virgin," the song opens with warm r&b keys and a groovy bassline, quickly increasing in tempo and dropping into a deftly-produced electronic beat. We can't help but feel similar energetic and spicy flairs to MJ through HeIsTheArtist's rhythmic approach and melodic vocals. While delving into topics of temptation, HeIsTheArtist begins expanding on the song's concept.

Telling the story of a Catholic Nun who's taken a vow of abstinence while living in a society where temptation is boundless, HeIsTheArtist later touches on the promise that Nuns make in order to focus on God's work entirely. While the upbeat production slowly begins to fade out, the song comes to an end, and we're left with our heads bopping and in need of more conceptual bangers like this.

Get into the groove with HeIsTheArtist's latest single, "Virgin," and bring yourself into the song's conceptual lyricism and tightly-wound production, available now on all digital streaming platforms.

Listen to "Virgin," here.


What inspired you to write about the promises and vows of Catholic nuns?

Thank you for inviting me back! Well, I used to go to private school when I was a kid and was always interested in the nun’s mysterious lives and felt other people were probably interested as well.

What was it like formulating such a dense sonic atmosphere for "Virgin?”

The atmosphere was definitely inspired by the airy feel of a church cathedral and how sound bounces off the walls in it.

What inspired this unique sonic route where you blend electronic with r&b?

Well, my last 2 EPs were more acoustic-based so I wanted to show a different side of myself with this song with the electronic beat.

Did you have any help from producers or engineers when finalizing your song "Virgin?” Who helped you out during this process?

The beat was produced by my former Christian Management label Wright Music Group. Their production team is great! I did however have a hand in the beat creation ( I gave it a more uptempo pop sound as opposed to their original strictly R&B version).

Should we anticipate more original songs from you throughout 2021? Or might you experiment with another cover this year?

This year will be mostly originals with a surprise cover song in an upcoming music video for my EP ‘Pyramid Schemes.’

What has been keeping you inspired to create music?

Just the love of God and telling my story of trials and tribulations through music.

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