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Highlighting the Artistry: Brianne

New Jersey native Brianne has grown up creating and performing her unique pop-rock vocal productions. Tying together melodic soul and reflection, she has effortlessly created a representation of her journey towards self-awareness with her music. Her newest single, “Lost Control,” is filled with an immense amount of passion and electric vibrations that can be felt within. Lifting spirits with her melodic charm, Brianne’s vocals and persona are ferocious while touching onto a softer, more feminine side.

When asked what her new single “Lost control” meant to her in an interview, Brianne mentioned that it was a therapeutic process that helped her evaluate what she truly wanted in her life and to stop just going through the motions and make a real change to meet her personal goals. With a debut EP on course to be released this summer, Brianne continues to turn back to the soul-filled musical roots that inspired her to begin this musical journey, to begin with, and we could not be more excited.

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