Highlighting the Compellingly Truthful Neo-Soul Artist, Ivy Alex

Today we're putting multi-genre styled artist Ivy Alex in the spotlight. As a vocalist and pianist, Ivy brings forth a compelling story with her music, which is always accentuated by the creamy and delicate melody. The kind of music that Ivy Alex synthesizes is vivid, offering up an array of thoughts and experiences as you listen along. To give an example, some of Ivy Alex's recent work featured on BuzzMusic included her single, "Pray", which honed in on ethereal, angelic, and emotionally compelling features. Through these light and raw components that Ivy Alex always integrates within her sound, we feel more attuned to her as listeners, and ultimately forming a deeper connection. She makes it seem like we're on the same page with her life. We feel resonate with the message she imparts, and we know that her intentions are pure, making the music all the more worthwhile. 

As a Neo-Soul artist, Ivy Alex intends to add elements to her music that are beneficial for the well-being of listeners. She wants her music to embody peace and happiness, bringing a relaxing environment for any listener. She takes her painful, frustrating and hopeful moments, and communicates them to listeners through her music. That's the kind of perspective we get from Ivy's life, which makes her music feel all the more real. She strives for enriched quality, and we personally believe we receive it! For future music, Ivy Alex wants to write songs about the current times, songs that embody even more personable aspects of the artist. We're excited, and anticipating a great performance on Ivy Alex's end! 

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