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Highlighting The Latest Activity Of Alt/Rock Recording Artist, Sam Brace

Remember when Sam Brace decided to experiment with music during the pandemic era? Well, thank goodness he did because the product that came out of pure experimentation was and still is incredibly flavorful.

The latest hot release from Sam Brace included "Partly Coded," which was the first track to appear on his latest album, "Fever & Bones." In his BuzzMusic interview, Sam shared that he knew the introduction of the song transpired as a real "scene-setter" moment, and so the decision to make it the opening track was a natural one for him.

There were a ton of moments to dive deep into the insight that Sam Brace has to offer throughout "Partly Coded," which is often a real hallmark of his music. Sam Brace usually has his listeners feeling creatively or introspectively charged after his songs, partly due to the strong messages and themes that come through, and majorly due to the riveting soundscapes he has to offer.

When it comes to "Fever & Bones," Sam Brace wants his listeners to truly hone into the array of sound that reflects some of the top 90s rock music, but not without his contemporary, fun-loving twist. Listeners should get ready for absolute galore in "Fever & Bones," as Sam Brace is taking willing listeners down the road of pure lust and obsession.

Check out the full BuzzMusic article on Sam Brace here.


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