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Highlighting the Music of New Orleans Trio OFFRIP

New Orleans trio OFFRIP, embodies raw, painstaking grit in their new track "Find Out." As this group molds together culture and music into one, they have created a seamless combination of storytelling and mind-altering utopia in every punching lyrical verse. As mentioned in an interview, "Find Out" is about the different styles in the South, West, and East coasts and how each band member's varying lifestyle choices in these places is encapsulated through their sound.

Due to the undeniable musical chemistry between these three artists, listeners will find themselves immersed in the intoxicating melodies while continuing to flow through a unique hip-hop style piece. Each track on their debut EP, including "Find Out," stand out with their unique storyline and originality as the group can tie together varying outlines, musical influences, and personalized band elements to create a one of a kind listening experience for each distinct track.

The lyrical ability and creative growth are shown by OFFRIP in their new track "Find Out" and is stand-alone, so make sure to have a listen.

Discover more about OFFRIP, here.


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