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Senior Gee Creates A New Age Hip-Hop Hit "Oooohhh"

Creating new musical surroundings with the classic tools from early hip-hop is Senior Gee from Queens, New York. Growing up in one of the toughest parts of the south side. Senior Gee saw the brighter side of his surroundings and learned from every opportunity and situation. At a very young age, Senior Gee attended various music schools, after realizing his superior writing skills. It didn’t stop there. As he continued to mature, he graduated from The Institute of Audio Research as a state-certified engineer of music and music production. He worked on varied projects, including features from Muziah A.K.A Phillip Famous. His latest single, "Oooohhh", includes skills he acquired from his training and musical journey.

The instrumentation in "Oooohhh" sounds reminiscent to the 80s and 90s hip-hop era. However, there are elements of contemporary, new age hip-hop and R&B within "Oooohhh". The drums in the background are reminiscent of old school hip-hop, but the instruments add a unique aspect to the track. Senior Gee’s vocals add to the particular sound of this track. It is cool to hear a more unique tone over a hip-hop beat. Additionally, what he expresses through his lyrics is meaningful and relevant. It is refreshing to hear actual substance in hip-hop songs rather than unrelatable lyrics and curse words. Senior Gee changes the game with "Oooohhh," the song is completely clean with no curse words insight. Senior Gee brings a refreshing taste back to hip-hop, while still maintaining unique and honoring hip-hop transitions.

Listen to "Oooohhh" here.

Hey Senior Gee! Welcome to BuzzMusic, we are very happy to be representing your latest track “Oooohhh”.  Growing up, you attended and organized many school events with music involved in it.  Other than school spots, can you remember any fun local spots where you could share music with others? 

Growing up I did not organize any events from when I was in elementary school. As far as spots where I shared my music, the most memorable was at the world-famous Apollo when I won the amateur night with my own original lyrics & did it acapella. Do some of them still exist today? Yes, the Apollo still exists in Harlem NY

During your time at The Institute of Audio Research in New York, you must have had a lot of hands-on opportunities and in-depth tutorials about the music industry.  What was one of the most memorable lessons you can remember that really stuck with you? 

The most important lesson that I can remember was from one of my instructors, his name was Mario from Delaware, and he drove to New York City every day to teach us what Mario taught me was to believe in your craft and to never give up on anything that you know is right forget with anyone else feels believes or thinks. He was the reason why I had a 4.1 GPA versus just a 4.0 GPA.  Would you change anything about your experience there?  Absolutely not, I wouldn't change anything. The experiences during that time were all necessary to put me on the path that I'm on currently as Musical Engineer, Producer & Artist.

Going to an audio school and being able to work on your own projects is an opportunity of a lifetime.  Do you think there was an overall good atmosphere while working on your projects even though you were in a school environment?  When I was in school for audio engineering and production we were not working on our own projects we were working on up-and-coming and some established artists in the music industry at that time. Even though it was a school environment, there was still a lot of fun lessons learned. Most of the time it didn't seem like a school environment when we were doing studio sessions, the only difference back in those days we were still using 2-inch reel to reel tape, Protools was just a young child then.

“Oooohhh” incorporates a lot of technical hip-hop skills, that seem to inquire elements of old school hip-hop.  Do you think some of your upcoming projects will have more of a reggae-vibe to them? 

Not necessarily a reggae vibe but, I'm an artist of feeling so if it feels right during the creative process then so be it as long as the energy is right. What can we expect to see from you throughout 2020?  Whatever the universe has in store for me I will humbly except I just take it one day at a time and hopefully, things will naturally fall into place musically & otherwise. I'm just grateful my eyes opened up this morning.



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