Hip Hop Duo Caleb & Walshy Release New Classic Hip Hop Single "Bad For Some"

Would you believe us if we told you that a duo from London and Dublin were able to create a masterful CLASSIC hip hop song? Well, that’s exactly what Caleb & Walshy were able to do with their newest song "Bad For Some". The song starts off with a piano introduction that immediately catches your attention because it’s so eccentric and vintage. You have no idea where the direction of the song is going but that suspense is what keeps you attentive off-rip! We can credit that strategic and seemingly perfect transcending beat to Walshy whose the multi-instrumentalist for the group. Caleb, then raps in a unique accent that’s intriguing and intricate. He lyrically discusses a lot that’s personal to him but also relatable to the general audience. He’s able to naturally flow to his beat without a single error in breath, tempo or any of the sort. What’s nice about this song is that it’s laid-back. It isn’t a hard-hitting, edgy rap joint but it’s a intelligent, relaxing and soothing hip hop single that’s very similar to some of the greatest rap singles back when hip hop first started! This song also gives vibes of many of the great lyrical rap icons in today's generation such as "Kendrick Lamar" and "J-Cole". I was in love with every component and aspect of this single and would personally be interested in more from this duo. With talent on the backtracks and talent on the vocals, this duo is for sure to be upcoming front runners in the music industry!

We had the pleasure of speaking with the talented duo! Check out what their working on next and learn more about their new single "Bad For Some". #BuzzMusicExclusive

Hi Caleb & Walshy! Can you introduce yourself to our readers?

Caleb: I'm Caleb, I'm 20 and I'm from South East London.  Walshy: My names Luke, but my mates call me Walshy. I'm 22 and from Dublin. 

Can you give us a brief history of your musical careers?

Walshy: Yeah so started playing piano when I was 6, played in bands n stuff at shows/recitals/restaurants in my teens. Started sampling and making instrumental beats at 20.  Caleb: Played a few instruments growing up but mainly the drums. Was involved in a fair few bands and did a few gigs round London etc. Oh yeah and in my local church haha. Started rapping when I was 15 and been doing it ever since really! 

When did the both of you meet? How long have you been creating music together?

Caleb: It's kinda mad, we met on the first day of uni and started making music literally the next day. So that's like 2 years now? 

Do you guys write your own music? Can you tell us a bit about your writing styles?

Walshy: Yeah usually start with chords and build melodies around it...or eh sometimes with beats we start with the sample, mess around see what instruments sound nice with it and go from there.  Caleb: Yeah for me it completely depends. I'll always write about a life experience or an experience of another's that plays on my mind or intrigues me. I can be on a train, in my room, at work, in the park etc and I'll write. My best lyrics always end up being written on the train tho. 

"Bad For Some" is a total jam! Can you tell us a bit about the song?

Walshy: Aye cheers! I made the beat for a uni project with the help of a Belgian guitarist. Looped a rough bar of it and just figured out some nice jazzy piano riffs to go throughout. My lecturer told me to change the drums but I completely ignored him haha. 

Where did the inspiration behind "Bad For Some" come from?

Caleb: my mate was telling me how he's dropped and risked everything to get to where he wants to in life and even got dumped by his girl for it. He was still so positive though and was saying how everything will work out. After he told me about it I thought 'could make some lyrics about that'. Just realised I haven't actually told him that yet.

What’s next for Caleb & Walshy?

Caleb: A lot man! We've just moved into the same place so expect a load more tunes and visuals coming soon.  Walshy: Gonna hopefully start doing a loada live shows as well. Oh yeah, we've got a mixtape coming soon too so watch out for that. 

Connect with Caleb & Walshy on social media:

Instagram: www.instagram.com/calebandwalshy/?hl=en

Facebook: www.facebook.com/calebandwalshy/

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/calebandwalshy