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Hip-hop Duo RiotSquadGang Reinstates Strength in, "IRON"

RiotSquadGang is a duo rap group consisting of Lil Swiss and RSG Yoppa, who came up in the Northside of Calgary, Canada.

Throughout the years, both members have had troubled upbringings. It wasn’t until meeting one another that they began creating music, changing both of their lives for the better.

Fairly new to the scene RiotSquadGang has already seen continued support locally and created connections globally. The versatility in the music to come and the ability of the artists gives them the opportunity to expand into multiple demographics and explore different subgenres of rap.

As we pay close attention to the prevailing tendencies they both exude on their most recent single, “IRON,” both Lil Swiss and RSG Yoppa, have listeners sitting on the edge of their seat as they take in their intoxicating melodies portrayed.

The instrumentation delves into a mid-tempo environment that is prevalent on striking keys performed. Both artists transition through cognizant cadences that bring forth their intricate lyricism that act as a vessel for the pain that they have endured.

By slowing the tempo and allowing the vocals to sit in the foreground of the mix, Lil Swiss and RSG Yoppa play an intriguing role as they both offer up unique talents as their skill sets seamlessly fuse together.

Swimming in an enticing pool that drips with gripping emotion, there is no turning your backs on these artists. “IRON,” acts as a solidified foundation where RiotSquadGang can bring emotional tenors to the table as they tap into their vulnerability.

With the way that they carry their messaging forward, lyrical motifs such as “I feel it’s close, working so much that I’m tired,” truly resonate with us. Fascinated with the energy that RiotSquadGang emanates, we’re excited to see where the next captivating release takes them artistically.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Lil Swiss, and Rsg Yoppa, and congratulations on the release of “IRON.” What inspired the creation of this track?

Thank you! The song is mainly derived from real-life experiences I (Lil Swiss) encountered growing up and still encounter now during my creative process. Both myself and Rsg Yoppa grew up involved in illicit activity, and are familiar with the overbearing pressure that comes with that. This song is through my eyes and is meant to capture the feeling of being calm amidst the chaos, and staying hyperfocused no matter what happens.

Could you please take us into what the creative process looked like when bringing this song to life?

For a solo track, I (Lil Swiss) will often craft an idea from start to finish in one session, usually including writing, recording, and a basic mix. Having a home studio allows me to bring an idea to life on the spot, and this is normally the way I do things. When I heard the beat for IRON, I immediately felt the emotion behind the song and knew that the lyrics and flow would have to represent that.

With Lil Swiss working on solo projects, and RSG working behind the scenes, have you found that this makes you a well-rounded duo when collaborating your talents together?

Having two different personalities is what makes our group work so efficiently in our eyes. Both members know their roles and are comfortable with what they do. Whereas Rsg Yoppa is much more methodical with his approach to creating and is comfortable taking the backseat in cases to work behind the scenes, I (Lil swiss) am more of a wild card with what I will create, or ideas I will bring to the table. Rsg Yoppa knows the business very well and also has an extremely good ear for upcoming music. All ideas go through Rsg Yoppa before coming to light, and this helps our product be refined, and our members not to get overwhelmed.

What is the proudest moment that you have experienced in your career thus far?

We're just proud to have respect from our city. We love Calgary and the people there, and we want to be able to put the city on the map. The support recently from our local hip-hop scene, and locals in the city has been crazy, and honestly, it drives us to push harder. We're so grateful for people like 10at10 Calgary Showcase, Mitch Kutter, YYCHiphopDaily, and many others in our local community doing the most to promote the scene and put independent hard-working artists on.

What's next for you?

We're planning to set a fast pace, and the music is just getting started. April 2nd we have our first music video dropping, and we will be releasing 2 singles a month for the entire rest of 2021, with multiple music videos throughout the year. The music we plan on releasing is on another level, even from what we've released previously, so we're just excited to get it out there. Stay tuned for what we have in store, we're gonna be dropping some game-changers.



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