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Hit Play And Let the Vibes Of “Rooftops” By Lyra Lift You Up

Let's take a trip to the ethereal realm with Lyra's latest power ballad, "Rooftops." Hailing from the dynamic city of London, Lyra is an infectious soul/R&B force that refuses to be confined by genre boundaries. With influences ranging from the nostalgic vibes of 90's R&B to the contemporary sounds of funk, soul, and pop, Lyra is a musical journey from past to present.

The band's sonic palette draws inspiration from diverse artists, including Lily Moore, Olivia Dean, Stevie Wonder, Don Broco, Polyphia, Tom Misch, Cory Wong, and the iconic Amy Winehouse. Since its formation in 2016, Lyra has graced the stages of London's most iconic venues, leaving an indelible mark at The Bedford, The Spice of Life, 229, The Camden Assembly, 93 Feet East, and many more.

"Rooftops" delves into the profound world of being a cinematic experience where storytelling comes alive. The production exudes a theatrical quality that transforms it into the soundtrack of your life. With each note, there's an undeniable pep in your step, courtesy of Lyra's powerful vocals. As a brilliant songstress, Lyra can convey emotion in a way that transcends the ordinary.

The ballad unfolds like a tapestry of emotions, with Lyra's vocals serving as the thread that weaves a narrative you can't help but get lost in. "Rooftops" is more than a melody; it's an invitation to feel, experience, and let the music carry you away.

Lyra's dynamic presence and the infectious energy of "Rooftops" make it clear why this soul/R&B act is pushing the envelope of their genre. With every beat, Lyra proves that music is not just a passion for them but a calling, leaving us eagerly anticipating the next chapter in the sonic journey. 

"Rooftops" is an experience that pulls you into your sonic integrity, and it's undeniable. Can you please share more about the creative vision behind the song and how you approached infusing a theatrical feel into the production?

We wanted to take what was originally an intimate, minimalistic love song and turn it into a massive ballad with strings, stomps, claps, and harmonized guitar solos. Two very different places influenced the songwriting and production, and we had a lot of fun trying to combine them. We used strings to create the kind of cinematic effect you hear in songs like 'Born To Die' by Lana Del Rey or 'You've Got The Love' by Florence + The Machine. They provide the song with a rich bed and help emotionally take it further.

With "Rooftops" being known for its storytelling in the lyrics, how did you concoct your approach to bringing this aspect to life in this particular song?

We tried to balance the lyrics being easily accessible while still leaving aspects to be interpreted. I always like lyrics that make you use your imagination a bit and create a sense of imagery. People like Mark Knopfler are amazing at that. The verses describe a story about the main character realizing that they're at a crossroads in life and need to make a difficult decision to move on and be happy. When you're telling a story in a song, setting a scene in the listener's imagination is essential. "Two lost souls brought together by sound, sitting on the rooftop over London town" sets the scene.

You're known for pushing the boundaries of soul and R&B. How do you balance drawing from the rich history of 90's R&B while incorporating modern funk, soul, and pop elements?

It's not necessarily an intentional choice that we make. It's more of a natural occurrence based on our interests and what we consume musically. We usually wait to begin writing a song to produce a specific kind of sound, and the vibe will change dramatically from the demo to the final version through lots of experimentation. If you take our song 'Intentions,' I was really into Don Broco's 'Superlove' at the time and Cory Wong's funk/disco vibe. So the music became a combination of those styles, and then Jenna, who grew up on soul and R&B, naturally sang in her style over the top. George, our bass player, has a unique way of playing and sometimes even uses a bow, so he impacts our sound. The music we write is usually always the outcome of what we're listening to.

What do you hope your audience can take away from such a liberating piece of music? 

I hope the song can resonate with people and reinforce the idea that the best time of your life might be around the corner from the problematic situation that you're currently going through. I hope it gives people a break from reality and lets them wander into their imagination for a few minutes.

As you continue your musical journey, what sonic landscapes and themes do you hope to explore in future projects, and how do you envision evolving the signature sound of Lyra?

We'd love to experiment with more instruments. Having a brass section or saxophonist on some of our songs would be amazing. Maybe explore the world of hardware synths a bit more, as that's still very foreign to us. I always liked the sounds that Metric was able to create using synthesizers and how well they could blend them with "real" instruments. 


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