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Hit "Refresh," With the dt's Expressive New Single

Hailing from Central Jersey, genre-blending duo and musicians, the dt's hit the much-needed "Refresh" button in their personal new single.

Comprising Dave and Tom, the dt's defy being put aside, and they do so by blending various genres like rock, modern pop, blues, power pop, and folk. They're a dynamic duo well-versed in guitar, bass, drums, and piano, who got together in 2020 out of an itch to start fresh and create a new, needed sound.

Delivering on that is the dt's latest single, "Refresh," everything we needed and more. It's an incredibly authentic and genuine song that looks at the dull moments in modern society, wanting to hit the "Refresh" button to feel something once again. The dynamic instrumentals range from pop and adult contemporary to soothing alternative folk, blessing the ears with melodies that will linger long after you hit play.

Expanding on the new song, "Refresh," we're met with smooth and warm vocals alongside a tender piano melody that makes its way deeper into the first verse. Alongside the lush acoustic guitar and harmonious background strings, the dt's bless us with relatable lyrics about feeling bored, ignored, and unloved while in search of something new and exciting.

There are a few tongue-in-cheek moments in the song with lyrics referencing not feeling alive since that special someone liked your last pic. That aside, it's a sincere piece packed with emotion that helps listeners get to know a deeper layer of Dave and Tom, who've put their minds together to create this heartfelt and honest anthem for change.

When life's getting dull, and you're in need of something new, begin your journey with the dt's newest single, "Refresh," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, the dt's. We love the concept behind your sincere new single, "Refresh." What inspired your duo to create a song about starting fresh?

Well, thank you for the love and support on “Refresh”. Dave wrote the song about a falling out we experienced with our previous band. He felt that other people could relate to this experience about having a falling out with somebody you had a close relationship with, but ultimately realizing you are better off without that person.

Would you say "Refresh" is one of your duo's more personal songs? What does this song mean to you?

For Dave, he feels that this is one of his most honest songs he has written. The songs’ lyrics were written about actual feelings and experiences Dave went through. To Dave, the song is about starting fresh. It can be an arduous and emotional journey, and can be tough to see at times, but once you reach that moment of clarity, you can begin to start a new chapter in your life. For Tom, with playing “Refresh” live, it has really taken on a life of its own as it's a nice change of pace. It’s become a very intimate song for me, along with the audience. It also includes dueling guitar solos in place of the strings, so it's very interactive, lively, and definitely out of the ordinary.

How did your duo begin creating "Refresh?" How did you lay the foundation and work your way up during your creative process?

The melody of “Refresh” came to Dave during a random day at work. He was humming the melody, and knew he liked what he had come up with, so he stepped away from his desk to make an impromptu voice recording on his phone to not forget. Tom then eventually added the beautiful descending melody that appears as a motif throughout the song. We then started to work on “Refresh” right before the pandemic hit. Once we were able to safely meet in person, we began to pick up where we left off. However, due to a COVID scare, and out of precaution, we again took some time off from getting together. With a lot of time on his hands, Dave decided to get to work on the song to alleviate the workload when we got back together. He laid most of the tracks during this time period including the strings, acoustic guitars, and violin solo.

A lot of these tracks were then polished and modified once we were able to safely get together again. For Tom, creating the electric guitar layers and adding harmonies was extremely satisfying once we were able to get together post-quarantine. “Refresh” was challenging and the song took us out of our comfort zone and opened new avenues creatively in a more modern pop lens. The strings and electronic drums were items on “Refresh” that helped us expand on and really help broaden our sonic palette as the dt’s. Fun fact, Tom used his father’s old Rockman Soundbox for the guitar solo, which was created by Tom Scholz from the band Boston in the 1970s.

What do you hope to make listeners experience when they hear "Refresh?" Do you hope that your song is part of their journey to renewal?

We hope listeners can relate to the paradoxical journey of mourning a relationship in this generation, the never-ending act of refreshing social media pages while stumbling into a new, fresh, optimistic perspective on connection throughout the process. We definitely hope that “Refresh” is part of our listener's journey to a renewal of sorts, whatever that may look to them. Not all paths look the same, but through our music, we hope to connect people, share stories, and reminisce on experiences together.

What's next for you?

Currently, our plans include just keeping doing what we’re doing: playing shows, making new music, continuing to connect with and inspire others, and having fun.

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