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Hit the Pavement with Collette Astle and Her Latest Single, “White Boots”

Residing in New York City, powerhouse vocalist Collette Astle, and she's taking on the music scene with her second-ever single release, titled "White Boots."

Collette Astle naturally felt inclined to follow a career in the arts, as her family was heavily involved in the music industry. Once the pandemic arose, Collette Astle felt an urge to construct her own personalized sound and thus began the construction of her debut, self-titled LP.

"White Boots" is the second single coming from Collette Astle's LP, and it's rooted in classic and reminiscent rock n' roll beats. Prominent electric guitar riffs fill the atmosphere of her song, which set up the perfect rhythm for the raspy vocal sound of Collette Astle. There's a serious quality to her voice, and because of it, the production isn't as heavy or superficial. The real focus is on her refined tune and it becomes easy to appreciate the old-soul style Collette Astle is able to obtain with her voice.

"White Boots" was meant to have a girls-night-out kind of energy, as Collette Astle wanted listeners to pick up on the feel-good, confidence-building attitude brought up within the song. She celebrates sexuality, freedom, and fun within her track, truly allowing "White Boots" to be the next fun-loving party anthem. Collette Astle, we're fixated on your soulful style and we're anticipating more of your gratifying sound in your upcoming LP release.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Collette Astle. How exciting is it that the second single off your LP has been released to the public? Does the release of "White Boots" make you all the more enthused for your LP release? It is exciting! I am so stoked that White Boots is out. It's the song I was most nervous about releasing, so seeing the positive response has been really fun. It does get me excited to release the full album. Knowing the predominant theme of "White Boots," are there any subtle themes you were hoping would be communicated to its listeners? YES! So obviously, the song is about going out & having a good time with your friends! The deeper meaning of the song to me is about sex positivity. In my life, I have seen a lot of shame & negativity around the topic of sex, and I feel that sex should be a fun, open, & exciting topic! I am really passionate about sexual health, wellness, and satisfaction, specifically for women. So if anything, I just hope that girls who listen to this song can feel zero shame around embracing their sexy side! Considering you've been involved in music since the young age of three, how do you feel you have a certain edge when it comes to the construction of your music as a result of such a long-winded involvement in music? Since I started singing so young, music comes very naturally to me. But, in addition to that, I have been actively listening & studying multiple genres of music for a very long time. Because of this, I have a knack for understanding how to construct melodies and lyrics that are both catchy and meaningful. I also feel that because I love so many different types of music, I've been able to create something that is completely unique to who I am as a person & artist. No one has my specific voice, story, & musical background, so I think my personal edge comes from that alone. What can listeners expect from your self-tilted LP?

2020 was a tumultuous year for me: I lost all my work as a nanny, a receptionist, a yogi, & an actress. I moved, so I lost my home. And then I lost my role as a wife. So when it came down to it, all I had was myself in the mirror and this music. And that's when I knew I needed to make this album! So, listeners can expect to hear my story of taking back my identity as an individual and learning how to come home to myself. The album is less about the sadness of my story and more about how I overcame it all. I am a firm believer that we should not be defined by our failures & sorrows, but by how we rise from them. And this album is that for me. A few key lyrics to set it up for the listeners are: "Never thought that I would rise again, but I'm emerging from the Lion's Den," "Nobody tells you what to do when your forever drops out from under you, but now I do," "Working harder than I ever have, gold-digging for myself", & "All I can feel is peace."

What's next for you?

That is a great question! I'm planning on playing some shows in New York, and hope to book some other shows around the country. Not sure what the future holds, but one thing is for sure, I'm always going to keep on making music.

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