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HOFFEY Is Downright “Sick In Love”

In the idyllic dream space of Hawaii, where the air itself seems to hum with the rhythm of life, a pair of musicians have become masters of their craft.

Jordan and Erika, who make up the Pop Duo HOFFEY, create an intoxicating blend of melody and rhythm that feels as natural and refreshing as a tropical breeze. They first met while studying songwriting and music composition in Australia, a meeting that would not only lead to a thrilling musical collaboration but also an enduring love story. After years of evolving their sound and exploring their mutual passion for music, they took a brief hiatus in 2021 to rediscover their creative essence. Now, they're back, and their latest offering is truly special.

In a testament to the global nature of music, HOFFEY teamed up with their long-time internet friend, Kelland, from Vancouver, Canada, to create their latest song, "Sick in Love." This unique collaboration began in a Hollywood studio and continued on the sun-drenched beaches of Oahu as Kelland, seeking a much-deserved vacation, joined HOFFEY in their Hawaiian paradise. The resulting synergy of these diverse musical backgrounds and the infusion of the tropical environment produced a song that stands out in the pop and electronic genre.

"Sick in Love" is a pulsating dance anthem that immediately captivates with a retro riser synth, a clever nod to the sounds of yesteryears. Jordan's silky smooth vocals drift in, creating an atmospheric soundscape that pulls the listener into the world of HOFFEY. Erika's voice, combined with the evocative lyrics, "I've been feeling under the weather, there's no better for me, I've been waiting up for your text, some would say I'm obsessed," capture the heart-tugging ambiguity of love that's equally exhilarating and exhausting.

The skipping drum line is a literal rhythmic heartbeat that induces an irresistible urge to move, a testament to HOFFEY's talent for creating music that connects to the primal joy of dance. With its bubbly personality, the bass weaves in and out, providing the perfect bounce that complements the dynamic rhythm. The moment the chorus hits after the beat drop feels like an exhilarating plunge down a roller coaster, a thrilling musical journey that mirrors the tumultuous ride of being 'sick in love.'

"Sick in Love," with its elements of UK dance, garage, and dance-pop, along with subtle R&B influences, is a vast summer bop that captures the spirit of both HOFFEY and Kelland. This song, crafted by friends who could finally meet and create in person, represents a new era for these artists. Their continued evolution within the electronic genre, infused with the vibrant energy of summer and the tranquillity of the beach, heralds an exciting future for both HOFFEY and Kelland.

Get your festival vibe on with this one today, available on all platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic HOFFEY! Congratulations on your summer smash "Sick in Love"; it's one of our favourites this year! The development of "Sick in Love" started in a studio in LA and finished on the shores of Oahu. How did these distinct environments impact the creative process and, ultimately, the song's end result?

Great question! The environment from the travelling to LA, recording in new places, with people we haven’t met in person before, really added a lot of excitement & uncertainty. The excitement of something new is tied with the nervousness of the unknown, with how everything will go. Allot like how love and new relationships are. Once we familiarized ourselves with the direction we are going, we ended up back at home on Oahu, Hawaii, which gave that twist of knowing and certainty; now that we knew what was and what is, allot like when love matures and grows, it and you have the clear understanding with each other and reciprocate one’s feelings for another! This added to the emotion of the opening synth into the rhythm and lyrics, finishing the hook and futuristic sound of the song.

"Sick in Love" marks a new era and sound for you while staying true to your roots. Can you expand on what this new era signifies for you as an artist and how "Sick in Love" encapsulates this transition?

This new era, well, first let me start by saying at the core of everything, our roots as you put it, we are truly singer-songwriters. We finished our label deal and feel like some music we put out wasn’t us. I think many different hands are in our music and sound with little support; we lost touch with ourselves, our music and our why. We’re independent now, and we can write & release whatever, whenever, with whoever we want. It’s so refreshing, and we’re excited for this new season and era of music. Since then, it’s been an amazing journey back in, and our music feels and sounds more genuine than ever.

As the duo who found love organically through fate and music, how does your relationship influence your music creation process, specifically for songs like "Sick in Love?"

Our relationship influences our music greatly; we have a very fun & healthy relationship, just like everyone; we have those bad days that don’t have anything to do with our other person but just feeling low or days where we rub each other the wrong way! Which, if we’re writing.. it can add some heat!! It can be a great way to vent on those bad days, and on those days where maybe we argued, we have a rule where we always have to communicate and talk it through, which brings a lot of love and energy to the music before we start writing. For us, when writing, we always seem to be on the same page naturally; maybe we’ll pick up a guitar, find something chords or loop a chord progression that resonates with something our subconscious wants to get out, and from there, we sit humming/singing Melodie’s finding those few lyrical bloodlines that begin to flow the story of the song, when we’re in this zone usually we feed off each others energy and ideas and go back and forth until the song has been created and finished.

The dance, pop, and electronic realms are well represented in "Sick in Love." Can you share your thoughts on the role of genre in your music? Do you see yourself exploring other genres in your future works?

Yes, we have a lot of energy that we put out in our music; pairing up with our friend Kelland on this song specifically, as he experiments with a lot of different styles and sounds, especially with futuristic electronic pop/dance/EDM allowed creation of this cool garage beat mixed with a house/dance-pop feel of a song. We’d like to explore other sounds and dive more into everything for us and the future. I can’t say there’s a specific direction we want to go. However, we love components of all genres and are excited to show that in more of our music.

Given the journey of self-discovery and evolution that led to "Sick in Love," what does this song mean for you personally, and what do you hope listeners take away from it? How do you envision your music and artistry evolving as you look to the future?

We hope this song brings fun and good vibes throughout people's day & inspires some to take it up a notch and find that deeper connection with a good person & shying away from shallow relationships. The twist on the lyric “sick in love” is because when you find that infatuation so deep with someone, you feel lovesick, it’s tough to be away for them too long, you think about them throughout your day, it can feel unpleasant yet beautiful. We envision more music, collaborations, and continuing down this new genuine, free-spirited sound.


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