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"Hold Tight," While Jordan Rys Navigates You Through His Summer Anthem

Jordan Rys is the embodiment of Pop music as he mixes urban elements with smooth vocal melodies. The music portrayed at the age of 23 reflects on accounts of emotional, relatable, and raw messages that have translated to be relatable for listeners.

Drawing inspiration from many different sources such as Classic Rock, old school Hip-hop, and Country as well as from today’s Pop, Rap, and R&B. Jordan Rys uses his past experiences as paint on a canvas for his new songs.

Created over two countries connected by the Pacific ocean, the soothing essence of his latest single, “Hold Tight,” pulls us into a sultry vocal performance from Jordan Rys as he cascades his mesmerizing timbres through a force field of pulsating energy. Upon first listen to “Hold Tight,” the atmospheric hues shimmer in the adoration that comes overflowing from each word that Jordan Rys passionately conveys.

You can’t help but swoon over the euphonious bliss that ruptures through the speakers in a way that provokes thought and instills an overwhelming sense of emotion throughout yourself. Jordan Rys seamlessly takes us through intricate wording heard in the verses, as he projects imagery into the canvas of our minds. He manages to fuse together a best of both worlds scenario where what he performs has an impeccable balance of substance, and immediate likability.

When you listen to “Hold Tight,” you have no choice but to submit yourself to the authenticity that streamlines your heart. With the relatability of Jordan Rys’ music making its way into listeners' ears far and wide, you should be prepared to have “Hold Tight,” glued to your mind as the compelling nature of this bop lingers long after it comes to a halt.

Congratulations on the release of your latest hit, “Hold Tight.” Creating a universe so playful and mesmerizing seems to come naturally to you! What was it like joining forces with David Carso and Michael Murphy from Elizabeth, Adelaide in order to bring this vision to life?

Creating with David and Michael has been great. I love working with other producers so that I can focus on writing more. My favorite types of productions are ones with melodic elements and this song really emphasizes emotion and feeling with each note.

Was there a particular moment or story that inspired the song’s narrative?

For this track, I tried to be specific when describing details of my girlfriend Csenge Forstner. The song starts off with “gold locks like medallions” which basically is a fancy way of saying she has blonde hair. The rest of the song if you listen closely just describes her and then the hook is "hold tight."

What would you say the significance of “Hold Tight” is to you? What are you hoping that your audience takes away from this song?

For "Hold Tight," I simply wanted another track that people can listen to in their car and when they think of me as an artist, they associate me with joyful thoughts and pleasant music to the ears. This track should transcend all ages and genders which is something I’m proud of as well.

Do you find that being in LA shapes the sound that your listeners know and love?

Being in LA definitely has more influences on me and my music more than I probably know. This city is such a roller coaster with lessons and teachings being thrown at you every day. Surviving and enjoying Los Angeles is quite a task, and to say that I’m the same person before moving here would be foolish.

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