"Hold Up" By Leslie Austin Is Everything We Ever Wanted In A Pop Anthem!

Leslie Austin is an edgy yet soulful recording artist who adds plenty of charm to her songs. She has established herself well within the modelling industry and further expands her limitless boundaries by entering the music industry. Presenting herself to be incredibly well-rounded through her faith and humanitarian work, Austin shows us what a versatile recording artist really looks like. 

Austin's new single “Hold Up” is a sultry and sensuous single that is executed in all the right ways! With an underlying catchy rhythm and audacious tone, we can’t help but want to dance along—and we did exactly that once we heard it! Austin’s voice is breaking barriers with this new single, as she truly exhibits her effortless dynamic range of vocals throughout the song. "Hold Up" is clearly about a temptation. You're doubting something but wanting to pursue it anyways. "Hold up, don't know what you're doing to me, wait up, you playing tricks on my mind?", lyrics that come in full force with a buildup chorus that sends chills in your body. "Hold Up" is a healthy mix of everything we need in an edgy pop song. It shows us a side of flare and pop that we don’t hear much of these days. After listening to it on repeat, we want so much more of it.

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