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Hold Your Head High with Cam Schnell's Upbeat Single, "Be Alright"

With roots in Cleveland, Cincinnati, Milwaukee, and New York, the singer-songwriter Cam Schnell takes his explorative sound to new depths with his third studio single, "Be Alright."

Influenced by the 50s, 60s, and 70s sounds of rock n' roll, pop, funk, and country, Cam Schnell's sound is bound to get listeners through the good and bad times, as he's aware that music is essential for all aspects of life. One can spot Cam Schnell on stage in white Chelsea boots, black pants, and a Houndstooth blazer while slamming his red acoustic guitar, leaving listeners in awe of his charisma and performing abilities.

Elaborating on his recent uplifting single, "Be Alright," Cam Schnell powers through with his nostalgic rock instrumentals and his spirited performance. While addressing our daily grind, romance, uncertainty, and everything in between, Cam Schnell lets us know that everything will "Be Alright."

Listening to "Be Alright," the upbeat banger opens with lively electric guitar melodies, an accompanying rhythm guitar, and crashing drum patterns. Cam Schnell later enters the song on an energetic note and begins singing of our trying times while relating with us on an incredibly personal level through lyrics like "Even though the man's got you down, tomorrow is a brand new day, its all gonna start to break your way."

Moving through the song, we land on the sweltering hook where Cam Schnell and his accompanying instrumentals offer vast similarities to the groovy sounds of 60s surf rock, primarily through Schnell's vibrant vocal delivery and the song's crisp electric guitars. Leaving us with boundless optimism and hope, Cam Schnell is truly an artist to keep an eye on.

Discover Cam Schnell's third studio single, "Be Alright," on all streaming platforms, and let the single keep your head held high.

We adore the energy and liveliness within your latest single, "Be Alright." What inspired you to create a song that reminds listeners to hold on for better days?

I always enjoy songs that are happy in mood and invoke positive emotions. I think a lot of artists nowadays tend to write sadder songs that are slow, plodding, melancholy, etc. I have songs like that too, but I try to be the leader to provide a "pick-me-up," instead of a "bring-me-down." I personally thrive off of energy, excitement, and the "good times." I wanted to take an opportunity to write something so big and bright that it can put a smile on anyone's face. Life is hard enough as it is- if I can have a voice or make a song that brightens someone's day, restores hope, gets someone out of a funk, or makes them want to dance, I am all for it! Music can obviously go a lot of different directions, but I wanted to make something that can beat any bummer, and get people to think positively. Trust me, everything is gonna "be alright!"

We must note the brilliant 60s appeal and sound within your recent single, "Be Alright." Why did you want to capture such an energetic and lively instrumental atmosphere? What inspired the 60s approach?

I am very much inspired by music from that time period - there are far too many influences to mention. I have always been drawn to that general era of music because there were so many original ideas, experimentation, and overall fun songs! I wanted to create something that was simplistic, yet dynamic. It is slightly more than a bare-bones song, instrumentally, in that it has vocals, drums, bass, guitar, and keys. I wanted to create as much sound as I could with those elements. I wanted drums with punch, bass with pop, and bright vocal harmonies to make a powerful lend-a-hand, go-get-em song. The opening guitar riff was designed to be catchy and really hook the listener from the very beginning. It will get in your head and before you know it and you'll start humming it throughout the day- at least that's the goal.

Are you usually one to create such nostalgically sounding songs, similar to "Be Alright?" Or was this your first time experimenting with sounds of the past?

I think I have "that" sound or style in my repertoire, naturally. However, I like to try new things. I never want to make two songs that are similar enough to where a listener would not be able to quickly tell the difference between the two. As I write and release more songs, each song will be standalone in that it will stand out from the rest, and be its own song. I like to explore different sounds, structures, and subject matter when it comes to my music. So, you can expect to maybe hear songs that are in the same vein as "Be Alright," but there will definitely be elements that make each song unique.

Seeing as your brand seems to surround your upbeat and energetic live performances, what would you say you miss most about performing live gigs and shows?

I have always enjoyed being in front of crowds. Being on stage is such a unique feeling that many people never get to experience, so I always feel like you have to make the most of it. I find it exhilarating, and it's also fun not knowing what each individual performance will bring. The feeling of having a crowd focused on you and listening to your message is very powerful, so I cherish every opportunity I am able to perform live. It's a special feeling when you knock a song out of the park and you know that the audience believes in you.

What's next for you?

Well, I have to buy a new pair of white boots as the pair I currently have is getting worn down...just kidding! I plan on continuing to write and record new music, as well as continue to make music videos! I really enjoy making videos because they are a visual interpretation of my own song. Involving another sense to add to the song can really go a long way, in my opinion. I am going to keep evolving as a songwriter and continue to step outside my comfort zone, as it is a great way to grow musically. I look forward to performing live again, and I am excited for what is in store for the future!



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