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"Holding On" by Andreas Moe, Sheds Wistful Vulnerability In The Realm Of Acoustic-Pop

Critically acclaimed Swedish artist Andreas Moe begins the New Year and decade with hope for change in his brand new single, “Holding On.” This release is the first single from his highly anticipated EP that will be released in the spring of 2021.

As a five-time Platinum-certified Songwriter, Andreas Moe has worked with artists worldwide such as Avicii, John De Sohn, Tiesto, Cheat Codes, Omi & Sabrina Carpenter. His songwriting credits can be found on the Platinum-selling albums of international artists such as Cheat Codes, Sabrina Carpenter, Tiesto, Tinie Tempah, Omi, Boyzone.

Following the November 2020 release of “Power,” Andreas Moe’s interpretation of the Kanye West hit, he provides listeners with a taste of what is to come on the forthcoming spring release.

With the raw talents exuded in “Holding On,” the acoustic forward ballad has us immersed in a blindingly prevailing performance that has us sinking into our seats that much deeper. The poignant vocal delivery emits a heartfelt quintessence that triumphantly progresses from start to finish of the track. The groove infused rhythm that drives “Holding On” expresses genuine sentiments that have Andreas Moe’s audience gravitating towards his warm embrace.

Touching on meaningful motifs of breaking free and letting go, Andreas Moe has been creating this song over the course of several years. As he transports listeners to a comforting sanction of holding on to hope, the tantalizing natures offered in the overall composition develops throughout the song as we can feel the growth flourish on an intimate level, grazing vulnerability.

It’s extremely effortless to get caught up in each winding path that exposed to us in “Holding On.” With the tempo switching moods through the various advancements catching you by surprise, your spirits are lifted by the victorious ending that reigns supreme. If this is the soundscape in store for Andreas Moe’s forthcoming EP, we highly encourage listeners all over to remain tapped in as he cements his place in the music industry.

Congratulations on the release of, “Holding On.” What inspired you to allow, “Holding On,” to be the leading single from your highly anticipated EP?

Thank you so much! It just felt like an obvious lead single to me. It’s hopeful and it has that drive that I really think we all need right now.

With the writing development being a continuous process over several years, you mentioned that you had the chorus on your phone for 3 years before finishing up the writing process. What sparked your inspiration on the original recording of the hook? Did you keep it the same once you finished recording the rest of, “Holding On”?

At the time I wrote the original idea I remember having a Ryan Adams phase. I can’t remember right now which song it was but then again I think his whole self-titled album ’Ryan Adams’ really inspired me to come up with the first idea. Listening back to the voice memo I can hear that I kept the same first three lines of the chorus but missed an ending to it, it was just a loop - So I added the ’IM HOLDING ON’ at the very end.

How important is it for you to allow vulnerability to speak into the music that you create on a regular basis?

Being honest and genuine through my music has always been a priority for me. I think it’s so important to show the listener the real 'you' so that it's believable and perhaps relatable.

Are you able to tell us anything in regard to your forthcoming EP? What do listeners have in store?

Yes! I’m so excited to put out these songs. The initial plan was to work with a great producer and record everything in a professional studio but those plans were shattered because of the pandemic. I decided to do it on my own and it has been such a rewarding and fun process. I think the fact that the songs are recorded by me, in my apartment, with really not so much to work with has given them a very genuine and special sound.

What can we expect to see next from you?

A lot of music throughout the year and as soon as there’s a green light for playing live I’ll be the first one out.

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