“Holding Together” By Tomos Is A Bop For Your Playlist

Tomos and Ana Michell came together to produce the sensational single of “Holding Together”, a song we can’t help but completely enjoy the atmosphere of it all. “Holding Together” begins with a progression before the vibrant and multi-colorful single hits you like a wrecking ball with the bold and magical appeal to the song. “We’ll take it all together, and make it last forever, even when the world comes crashing down, even when i’m lost and you’re not found, we will hold it all together”. In my listening perspective, Tomos released Holding Together to describe the unity between two people through many adversities life gives. No matter the circumstance and results, Tomos and ana still managed to come out on top and as they say it, “Hold it all together”.

Driven melodies, trendy pop beat, and passionate delivery is just some adjectives we can describe this hit record. Growing up in Omaha Nebraska, Tomos was always immensely indulged into music and everything it had to offer him. He grew up with musical influences such as Bon Jovi, Guns & Roses, and AC/DC. His musical inspirations has helped structure an artist with diversity and multi-faceted traits. Keep a lookout for Tomos in 2019!

Hi Tomo! Care to introduce yourself to our readers?

Hey! I'm a DJ and producer from Omaha, NE. I debuted as an artist under the name "Tomos" this past summer and recently had some success with my latest single "Holding Together". I'm a songwriter and multi-instrumentalist and I've been able to combine that all through music production. 

Is there a heavy music scene in Nebraska?

Nebraska's music scene is pretty strong, specifically in my hometown of Omaha. The city has produced artists such as Jack & Jack, 311, Bright Eyes, and more. Many have come up on Saddle Creek Records which we have located here as well. However, the industry here is mainly focused around Indie Rock rather than dance music. The internet has played a huge role in my career up to this point because of that. You could say Omaha is to Indie music what Los Angeles is to EDM. 

Since you were influenced by artists like Bon Jovi, have you ever experimented with the genre of rock?

I bounced around several different styles of music before finally settling into EDM. Starting with wanting to play in a rock band when I was little, phasing through alternative rock, synthpop, and just about everything in between until I found my niche in dance music. It's actually pretty funny thinking about it! Being into bands like AC/DC and Guns n' Roses when I was 6 years old, and being into EDM and pop music 10 years later.

How would you describe your artistry to our readers?

Dance music has always been very specific when it comes to defining artists' genre and sound. For example, most EDM fans would label me as a Future Bass artist but, while I love the genre, I never want to get stuck on one type of production. For me, it's all about starting with a feeling, and building every part of the song to convey and compliment that feeling. A lot of the time, it's something that you can't even describe in words. But, that's what's so amazing about creating music.

How did the idea of collaboration come into tact with you and Ana?

Ana and I got introduced to each other while she was in Omaha for a short time. I had just finished the instrumental for Holding Together and was looking for a vocalist. It turned out that she was looking to get into releasing her own music as well, so we booked studio time just a couple days before she went back to Los Angeles and she absolutely crushed the vocals on the track! It's been so much fun to watch the song grow together and watch it hit numbers we never imagined.

What's your favorite lyric from the song?

Wow! That's a really tough one! Getting to write the lyrics for the song created a lot of lines that are really special to me, but if I had to pick one, it'd be part of the chorus. "Even when my world comes crashing down, even when I'm lost, in you, I'm found." That one means a lot to me.

What's next for you in 2019?

2019 is gonna be a really exciting one! Working on my next single, defining my sound, and collaborating with some new artists out of state. Plus lots of exciting announcements still to come! Looking forward to it.

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