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Holiday Asks "Who am I" in a New, Vulnerable Release

Los Angeles-based r&b recording artist and singer-songwriter Holiday highlights the stunning second track, "Who am I," off his recent 3-track EP, 'Toxic Adulations.'

Holiday is able to write music that's relatable to the listener by drawing from former flames; this entire process is pure cathartic therapy for the young recording artist. Holiday prides himself on his lyrical mastery, helping us get to know his every way through his biographical, vulnerable, and authentic words.

Holiday's new hit, "Who am I," is the mid-way point of his latest 3-track EP, 'Toxic Adulations,' and this song is the perfect representation of the toxic habits we can build with age. This song captures it all, from turbulent love to intrusive thoughts, while Holiday opens his heart and lets his lingering thoughts be heard in the smoothest and most delicate way.

Acquainting ourselves with "Who am I," the piece gently opens with a serene string section, tender piano melodies, and Holiday's soft, melodic vocals. As the singer-songwriter begins to ride the soulful, rhythmic, and down-tempo r&b beat, he lets us in on the many intrusive thoughts that idle his mind regarding the trials and tribulations of an unhealthy relationship.

The song is like a page out of the artist's diary; Holiday has such a way with words that leave us chilled to the bone. As he continues displaying his tender emotions, the continuous pressure to be the best version of himself, and dissecting the difficult situation, he serenades us with the utmost soul and vulnerability until the very last second.

Ride the wave of emotion that is Holiday's recent hit, "Who am I," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Holiday. We're more than impressed with the vulnerable emotion you've delivered through your recent hit, "Who am I." What inspired you to create this deeply introspective piece?

"Who am I" is a self-reflection. A lot of my songs are. I couldn't pinpoint an exact situation or time in my life. But I know whatever is recorded in this song was once a feeling that I felt. I usually make songs when I feel down and I need a pick me up. This song is meant to draw in listeners and give off raw emotion.

Who produced the wavy and tender sonics for "Who am I?" What vibe or atmosphere did you want this song to offer?

The producer for this song is "Eros". He also produced the song "All on Film" from the same EP. He just seems to understand my vibe and sound selection. We have more work coming out this year. Whenever we link up I know a hit is on the way. The atmosphere is toxic, always toxic.

Did you find it challenging to be so open when writing your vulnerable lyrics for "Who am I?" Or was it easy to let your emotions flow through your pen?

I never find it hard. I find it easy to say what I'm feeling into a mic. I rarely open up to people, unless it's in a song. The hard part is making it rhyme.

How does "Who am I" fit into the concept and theme of your 3-track EP, 'Toxic Adulations?'

I think "Who am I" fits perfectly. This whole music journey for me has been all about self-reflection. I have received some feedback from my music and people are starting to catch on, but this started as something for me and just me. I am happy people are starting to catch on to what I am creating here.

What's next for you?

I am releasing a new single "Goodnight" produced by ODDZ. You can expect that to drop in February. Here is a pre-save link. I will also be releasing a visual to go along with this in March.


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